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The Exhausting World of Whole House
and Attic Ventilation Fans

Dayton Whole House FanA well-designed home has an attic ventilation system that requires no homeowner action whatsoever.  Not living in a perfect world, most of us should examine our attic ventilation needs and the deficiencies in our home's design.  There are many things that can be done to improve attic ventilation... and many problems that can occur if you ignore it!

Some ventilation solutions require a "powered assist". ATTIC VENTILATION FANS are designed to remove the heated air from the attic only, lowering attic temperatures and thus reducing the temperature of the rooms below. Sometimes they work wonderfully... sometimes not.

The second type of attic fan...  the WHOLE HOUSE ATTIC EXHAUST FAN... is designed to draw a large volume of hot air out of your living space, replacing it with cooler outside air.... assuming the outside air is cooler!  Though these may assist your attic ventilation strategies, whole house fans are primarily designed to increase your own comfort.  Ahhh... a worthwhile goal!!

These articles should help you make some decisions as to whether you need to improve your attic ventilation, how far you should go, and where you could go wrong.  Enjoy!



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