Seven Easy Steps to Installing Your Own Walkway,
Driveway and Patio Without Mortar or Concrete!
(Part 4 of 5)

Courtesy of the Brick Industry Association

Step 5... Installing the Sand Bed

1. For a walkway or other fairly narrow project, use 1" outside diameter pipe or cut two wood strips to the desired height of sand (1"). Place them on either side of the paving area. For a wider project, like a patio, place the strips about 3 feet apart.

2. Now, fill the area with sand. The sand can be dampened with a fine mist of water prior to installation to eliminate voids.

3. After you pour the sand, use the pipe or wood strips as rails on which to run your "screed" board to insure a uniform sand depth of 1' (Figure A). Be careful not to walk in or disturb the leveled sand.

4. Remove the screed rails and fill the indentations with loose sand. Level with a broom or trowel.

Step 6... Laying the Brick Pavers

1. Start at a corner if possible, one that includes an edge such as a house, curb, sidewalk or other fixed edge. Lay one run of brick from the corner along the two adjacent borders (Figure B). Set the brick on the sand. Don't press or hammer them into place. They should fit snugly, with about 1/16'-1/8' gap between each brick. As you work, be sure to work from the laid brick, not the sand. If you disturb the virgin sand, re-level it with a broom or trowel before laying more brick.

2. Continue to lay the brick in your pattern, working from your starting corner to the unanchored edge (Figure C). With the original perimeter brick as a reference, put a string line across the front of your laying edge (every 2 to 3 feet) to maintain alignment (Figure D). If the pattern wanders somewhat, a trowel, screwdriver, or wide-blade putty knife can be used to make small adjustments. Don't be concerned with small gaps between the paving brick- you'll fill them with sand.

3. Be sure to check the level and alignment of the brickwork frequently during installation.

4. Once all the full brick have been installed up to the final, unanchored edge, cut or saw the remaining brick to complete the bond pattern-but insure that the final edge brick are no smaller than two inches in width.

5. Anchor the final border.

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