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Home Repair and Do It Yourself Tips and Advice - the Natural Handyman
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Home Repair Article List on the Natural Handyman website
inffastener8 pages
Calculators for Length, Area, Weight or Volume
Using Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Anchors and other Fasteners
Use correct nail types and sizes for the best results
Security or One-Way Screw Removal Methods
Drilling Pilot Holes in Wood including Pilot Hole Sizing Chart
Fastener identification chart
Measuring Fastener Length Chart courtesy
US to Metric Conversion Chart courtesy
infanchor2 pages
Choosing and Using All Types of Wall Anchors
Using A Molly Setter to Install Molly Bolts without a screwdriver
infxtra50 pages
Safely Using Pressure Treated Wood for Garden Frames
Installing Translucent Corrugated Roof Panels
Acrylic Plastic or Plexiglas - Its Uses, Handling and Cutting
Incorporating bamboo in your home
Stop sweating pipes due to condensation
Using a drywell to collect outside water
Rivet gun and blind rivets to repair metals and storm doors
Brick and Cement Block Repointing in Historic Buildings - Abstract
Cleaning masonry surfaces and muriatic acid
Choosing, Repairing and Applying Caulks and Caulking in Wet Areas
Cedar Roof Care and Maintenance
Ceramic Tile Installation, Repair and Maintenance
Purchasing, Using and Maintaining the chiminea outdoor fireplace
Clothes Dryer Installation and Repair Questions
Washing Machine Hose Selection, Installation and Maintenance Page
Drilling Holes in Corian and other solid surface materials
Bacteria and Various Cutting Board Materials by Dean O. Cliver Ph.D
Understanding and using dehumidifiers to dry out your home
Repair broken cabinet drawers
How to Wrap a Long Garden Hose Without a Hose Reel
Goop for Kids fun clay recipe
Uses for graphite around the home
Grout colorant restore and beautify your tile floor
Installing saddle valves
Insulation Types, Installation, Vapor Barriers and more - Part 1
Installing a recessed cabinet
Understanding Load Bearing Walls
Door lock installation, adjustment and repair
Lubrication articles
Removing fungus, mildew, algae and more from roofs
Restore Mirrors by Covering Deteriorated Mirror Edges by Jim Muckle
Comparing Natural Gas and Propane
Pressure Treated Wood Uses, Limitations and Safety Considerations
Use WD-40 to protect outside tools and equipment
Shower and Tub Door repair and adjustment
Bathtub, Shower and Appliance Refinishing
Using Silicone Spray Lubricant and When Not To!
Storm Door Installation, Adjustment, Maintenance and Repair Tips
Using TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) as a cleaning product
WD-40, its history and uses
Wicker Furniture Care, Maintenance and Cleaning
A Guide to Wood Finishing
Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Buildings - Full Article
Natural Handyman's Chiminea Page - Rescued Chiminea
Washing machine hose repair, troubleshooting and inspection
How Much Insulation Does Your Home Need - Part 2
Construction Detail of Recessed Cabinet Installation
Insulation for Homes - Vapor Barriers and Installation Tips - Part 2
infpai54 pages
Linseed Oil uses and limitations
Apply faux oil rubbed bronze finish to chandelier or toilet handle
How to remove popcorn spray texture from your ceiling
Natural Handyman's Spray Texture page
Natural Handyman's Mildew (not "mildewed"!) Page
Painting, Wallpapering, Staining, Wallpapering and Preserving articles
Natural Handyman's Latex vs. Oil controversy still rages
Spontaneous combustion of drying oils
All About Paints - The Basics provided by Van Sicle Paints
How To Make Opened Paint Cans Stay Fresh
Trying to match paint for touchups... the harsh realities
The Story of Shellac
Fine Wood Finishing Using Shellac
Prepare wood siding for staining
Tarps and Drop Cloths Tutorial
Natural Handyman's Wallpaper Seam Repair Page
How to strip wallpaper
Part 2 - How to remove popcorn spray texture from your ceiling
Thanksgiving - Think outside the decorating box this year!
Floor Paints for Home Businesses
What type of paint is on the walls...
How to obtain a uniform sheen or appearance on walls
Keep paint brushes and rollers fresh for days
Applying paint to difficult surfaces
Painting with little or no sanding
Do not use exterior paints inside your home
Stick Latex paint or blocking...
The Dangers of Chemical Paint Removers
Strip paint from metal surfaces
Old Spackle or Drywall Compound - Throw it away
It is a bad idea to paint over wallpaper
Protect your deck with proper sealing
Elastomeric Paint for Masonry Surfaces
Fall is the time to winterize your deck
Don't Forget The Deck When Winterizing Your Yard
Spring exterior deck preparation
Make your home a Backyard Getaway
Decorating Your Coastal Retreat
Dorm Room Decorating
Home: The Family Haven
Painted Kid's Projects spread holiday cheer
Adding Color To The Kitchen
Welcome to the shades of spring and summer
Creating A Romantic Outdoor Space
Sell Your Dwelling In A Jiffy With Inspiring Exterior Painting
A Taste of the Mountains in any Retreat
Welcome the Shades of Fall and Winter - Cool weather decorating themes
Color Concepts for Family Media Rooms
Maximizing Media Space
Color Trends for Spring And Summer
Decking Out Your Outdoor Areas
Making an entrance: Curb appeal ideas that extend inside the home
Remodeling trends offer personalization and longevity
infdrivewaysealer1 page
Driveway Sealants for your asphalt driveway
infcontractor4 pages
How To Hire A Handyman
Tips on Hiring A Contractor (Part 1 of 2)
Survey - Do Your Trust Your Contractor
Tips on Hiring A Contractor (Part 2)
infadh12 pages
Adhesives and Glues
Using Duct Tape
Residential Uses for Epoxy Adhesives and fillers
All About Goop Adhesive
Using Hot melt adhesive
Uses for Auto Body Filler
Wood Glue uses and information
Using Caulk as an adhesive
Contact Adhesive and its uses
Using cyanoacrylate adhesives... aka Super Glue
Using construction adhesive for a variety of tasks
Natural Handyman's Famous Glue Trick
infhvac11 pages
HVAC... heating, ventilation and air conditioning articles
Install a heated driveway
Choosing and installing a Radiant Heating System
Understanding programmable thermostats
Should you repair or replace your heating/cooling system
Installing a heated driveway system
Install your own under-floor electric radiant heat system
Compage and select a radiant heating system
Benefits of Radiant Heating by Larry L. Lentz II
Whole House HEPA air cleaners and filtration
infflag1 page
Proper Display of the U.S. Flag
infsafety10 pages
Install Anti-tip devices on furniture and televisions for safety
Holiday Safety Tips from the CPSC
Do-It-Yourself Ladder Safety Guide by Amanda Miler
Playground, Playset and Swingset Safety
Child Poisonings from Common Household Products
Safety Tips in and around the home
CPSC Offers Advise On Surviving The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Holiday Safety Tips from Protection 1
Avoid accidental fires in the home
Plan For Winter's Worst By Taking Charge Now
infpests15 pages
About Winged Carpenter Ants and Termites by Jack DeAngelis
Home Pest Control - Articles to help you take back your home
Semi-Annual Inspections for Insect and Water Damage by Jack DeAngelis
Pets, Pests and Pesticides
Natural Handyman's Thoughts on Pest Control
Protect your home from pests
Nuisance Ant Control for Homeowners by Jack DeAngelis
Common insect pests
About Bed Bugs
About Wasps
About Centipedes and Millipedes
About Ticks
About Ladybugs and Lady Beetles
Controlling powderpost beetles by Jack DeAngelis
Late Summer Yellowjackets by Jack DeAngelis
infsisters5 pages
Asbestos, the dangers, the myths and the realities
Carbon Monoxide Risks, Myths and Realities
Lead Poisoning... the dangers, the myths and the realities
4 Sisters of Doom Page... Asbestos, Carbon Monoxide, Lead and Radon
Carbon Monoxide Health Risks Can Be Minimized
infradon2 pages
Radon... the dangers, the facts and the myths
Map of Radon Zones in the USA
infattfan5 pages
Attic and House Ventilation Fan Information
Install a whole house exhaust fan yourself
Use Proper Attic Ventilation to Keep Your Home Safe and Cool
Whole House Attic Ventilation Fan
Use powered attic ventilation to improve natural ventilation
infatticstairs1 page
How to install attic stairs
infgateopener1 page
Free Automatic Gate Opener Plans by Keith Vickers
infcountertop10 pages
Creative ideas for kitchen backsplashes
Countertop installation and maintenance articles
How Install Corian-Type Solid-Surface Countertops
Laminate Countertop Cleaning and Repair
Granite FAQ - the answers to your basic questions about granite and granite installation
How To Clean Formica Plastic Laminates
How To Make A Concrete Countertop
Using concrete as a decorative material
The Value of Concrete Countertops for Homeowners and Investment
Building a Concrete Countertop
infstairway1 page
Replace wooden baluster with iron balusters
infgasgrill16 pages
Propane Gas and Charcoal Barbeque Grill Use, Maintenance and Safety
Overfill Protection Devices for propane tanks now the law
Gas vs. Charcoal Grill Debate - Which is the best?
Restore your aging barbeque grill
Natural Handyman's Gas Grill Safety and Cooking Tips
Should You Repair or Replace Your Gas Grill?
Gas Grill Burner Inspection, Maintenance, Cleaning and Replacement
Cleaning and Maintenance of Gas Grill Cooking Grids
Finding the make and model number of your gas grill
Natural Handyman's Gas Grill Page: Care of gas grill windows
Cleaning Your Gas Grill - from the inside out!
Gas Grill Hose maintenance and replacement
Troubleshooting, Repairing and Replacing Gas Grill Automatic Ignitors
Choosing and using lava rocks and permanent grill briquettes
Lava Rock and Briquette Grates - Inspection and repair/replacement
Gas Grill Valve and Valve Knob repair and replacement
inftoi21 pages
Basement upflushing toilets
Fixing, adjusting and maintaining your toilet.
Install a Complete Bathroom Anywhere with Saniflo products
The Truth About Toilets - fun and interesting facts
Natural Handyman's Miscellaneous Toilet Graphics Page
How Does A Toilet Work
Repairing A Leaky Toilet Flapper Valve
Toilet doesn't flush when handle is pushed
Toilet Keeps Running Until I Jiggle The Handle
Slow Filling Toilet Tank
Toilet Doesn't Fully Empty - How to Make Sure Water Filters Fast
Toilet Leaks Between the Tank and the Bowl
Tightening a loose toilet
Loose and Lifting Tiles Around the Bottom of the Toilet Base
Toilet Seat Replacement
Toilet Flapper Deterioration from Chlorine
Replacing a Toilet Water Inlet Tube
Toilet Condensation Problems and Solutions
Reinstalling a toilet on a raised tiled floor
Cleaning stains from a vitrous china toilet
Repairing Toilet backups and blockages
infcabinets3 pages
How to Install a Bathroom Vanity and Sink
How to Install Wall and Floor Cabinets
Solo Kitchen Cabinet Installation
infexhaustfan5 pages
Bathroom Exhaust Fan Information
Choosing a bathroom exhaust fan
Repair or replace a noisy bathroom exhaust fan
How to Size a Bathroom Exhaust Fan
What do manufacturer's exhaust fan ratings mean?
inffloor15 pages
Carpet Binding... Turning Carpet Remnants Into Useful Area Rugs
Simple Carpet and Rug Repair Techniques and Methods
How to remove carpet tackless strips
How To Choose and Use Fillers on Wood Floors
Measuring for strip or tile flooring
Repairing Squeaky Floors
How To Refinish polyurethane floor without stripping it first
Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring Repair
Professional Tips for Laying Resilient Sheet Vinyl Flooring
Removing Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring
Install Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring Over Old Flooring
Repair Curling Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring Repair
Linoleum And Vinyl Flooring Yellow Stain Antioxidant or Blooming
Repair Vinyl and Linoleum Floor
infplans4 pages
Build A Birdhouse In An Hour From Scraps by Jim Shutes
Woodworking and Do It Yourself Plans
Build A Cedar Window Box in a Weekend
Make a Shelf or Photo Frame from an Unused Drawer
infwindows18 pages
Choose the best blinds for your home's windows
Repair or Replace Old Window Coverings
Window Glass and Glazing Repair
Understanding and Using Insulated Glass
Window Treatment Articles
Understanding window energy efficiency standards
How to install decorative and insulating window film by Jay Harris
Customize your Windows With New Trim
Double hung window repair and adjustment
History of Replacement Windows by Gareth Marples
How Replacement Windows Work by Gareth Marples
Window Repair, Maintenance and Replacment
Window Shutters on a Budget from
How to identify a quality interior shutter
How to select the right exterior shutters for your home
Window Condensation
Repair your cellular blinds and restring them yourself
Glossary of Replacement Window Terms by Gareth Marples
infshe3 pages
Natural Handyman's Simple Storage and Bookshelves- Introduction
Natural Handyman's Simple Free-Standing Bookshelves
Natural Handyman's Heavy Duty Garage and Basement Storage Shelves
infworkclothes1 page
Work Boot Cleaning and Care Made Easy
bia5 pages
Install Your Own Brick Walkway, Driveway or Patio - Part 1 of 5
Install Your Own Brick Walkway, Driveway or Patio - Part 2 of 5
Install Your Own Brick Walkway, Driveway or Patio - Part 3 of 5
Install Your Own Brick Walkway, Driveway or Patio - Part 4 of 5
Install Your Own Brick Walkway, Driveway or Patio - Part 5 of 5
dcn2 pages
Build Your Own Concrete Countertops - Part 1
Build Your Own Concrete Countertops - Part 2
armstrong1 page
Vinyl Floor Maintenance and Cleaning
hock1 page
Sharpening Notes by Ron Hock
infelectrical19 pages
How To Remove A Broken Light Bulb
Portable Electric Generator Safety Tips
Electrical Installation, Repair And Troubleshooting Articles
Home Electrical Safety Tips from ESFI
Fluorescent Light Fixture And Tube Troubleshooting and Repair
Do You Save Energy By Leaving Your Fluorescent Fixtures On?
Using Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
Generator Transfer Switches - Types and Descriptions
The History of the Light Bulb by Matt Jacks
How Light Bulbs Work by Matt Jacks
Questions and Answers About Lightning and Thunder
Facts About Electric Power Surges
How to Choose Surge Protection for your Home - Part 1
3-way or Three-Way Switch Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Is Your Wiring System Safe and Energy Efficient
Top Alternatives to Incandescent Bulbs
Glossary of Light Bulb Terms by Matt Jacks
Testing A Bad Circuit Breaker
How to Choose Surge Protection for your Home - Part 2
infbusiness20 pages
Tips to keep your business running and strong
Recognize Repetitive Stress and Protect Yourself from Repetitive Stress Injuries
Insurance types available for handyman businesses
Niche-focused handyman services... the future of small home repair contracting?
Thinking of starting a handyman business by Patrick Cash
Lease or Buy: Effective purchasing for your Handyman Business
Getting Free Publicity for your Handyman Business
Contractors Are Viewed As Untrustworthy...
Creative Ways to Keep Your Employees Working For You
Workplace Safety Disasters and How to Avoid Them
Creative advertising for your Handyman Business
Keep Your Employees Stress-Free
Estimating Jobs for your Handyman Business
Keep Your Handyman Business Growing In The Winter...
Secrets of Direct Mail for the Small Contractor
Getting the Most Out Of Direct Mail for the Small Contractor
Losing SOME Customers Can Be A Good Thing...
Build A Successful Website for your Handyman Business
Home office decoration for a more pleasant productive work environment
Choose the best office equipment
infrailing1 page
How to Install Cable Railings
infcleaning6 pages
Carpet and Rug Care and Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal - Quick Action Can Prevent Most Common Stains
Fighting holiday slime, dirt and grime
Removing light scratches, scuffs and stubborn stains from glass
Removing Mineral Deposits And Stains
Carpet Care and Stain Removal Table
infwoodburning8 pages
Chainsaw Safety Techniques
Three Chainsaw Shapening Methods
Choosing a Safe and Quality Fireplace Screen by Joel Sussman
Heat Your Home By Burning Firewood
Cutting Your Own Firewood by Chris Kick
Selecting and storing firewood
Shortening Firewood That Is Too Long For Your Stove
Guide to Safe and Healthy Woodburning from Clean Air Partners
infchimneyfire1 page
Chimney Fires, Causes and Cures
infholiday4 pages
Holiday Preparation and Safety articles
Installing holiday lights with hot glue by Jason Woodward
Be ready to install this year's Christmas Light Display!
Install Christmas Lights on a Variety of Surfaces
inftools3 pages
Cutting Plywood with a Circular Saw - Tips
10 Hard tasks made easier with an oscillating multitool
What Determines the quality of a router bit, and what are the best types to hame
infapplianceinstallation9 pages
Install a washing machine
Installing a kitchen gas countertop
Installing an induction cooktop
Attaching Cooktops to Solid Surface Countertops by Michael Chotiner
Replace your dishwasher
Choosing and installing an electric range
Choosing a Backup Electric Generator for your home
How to install a refrigerator with ice and water dispensers
Install an over-the-range microwave oven
infplumb10 pages
Using compression fittings to install plumbing fixtures
Purchasing and caring for a glass vessel sink by Valerie Mason
Residential water leak detection systems
Bathroom Sink Popup and Stopper Problems
Removing odor from sink drain
How to Install and Undermount Kitchen Sink
Upflush Basement Toilets - choosing the right one for you
Ways to Eliminate or Minimize Water Hammer Noise
Graphical blowup of a Bathroom Sink Popup
Natural Handyman's Upflush Basement Toilet Diagram Page
infcoppersolder1 page
Soldering or Sweating Copper Pipe by Scott Gray
inffau5 pages
How to Install a Faucet (Introduction)
How to Install a Faucet (Part 1 of 4) - Evaluate the Job
Removing the Old Faucet - Install a New Faucet (Part 2 of 4)
Prepare The Sink for the New Faucet (Part 3 of 4 Faucet Installation)
How to Install a Faucet (Part 4 of 4)- Installation
i1 page
infcomputer6 pages
Miscellaneous computer issues
XP does not recognize a new CD or DVD disk
Problem Networking Windows XP and Windows 98 Computers
Convert Microsoft Word Documents to Clean Format-free text
Windows device manager resets, blinks or winks when viewed
Computer stops on reboot and beeps long repeating tone needing reset
inftile1 page
Preparing Concrete for Tiling or Top Dressing
infmasonry2 pages
Concrete Foundation Cutting
Cut a new basement exit in your concrete foundation
infdecorating8 pages
Decorate Your Concrete: Staining Ideas for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Top 7 Fireplace Decorating Tips by Michelle O'Connor
Decorating with Raised Plaster Stencils by Victoria Larsen
20 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen by Adam O'Connor
Color Help: Many Factors Affect Color Preference
Painting 101 - Select the right sheen for your paint project
How Color and Lighting Interact For Home Decorating by Carmen Natschke
Create The Right Splash With Bathroom Accessories
inflandscaping11 pages
Container Garden Designs... What's Best For You by Scott Gray
Garden Planters - 10 Things to Create a Showpiece by Scott Gray
Gardening and Landscaping Articles
Prepping your lawn tractor for spring by Joseph Truini
Prepare Your Garden for Winter
Finding and Choosing a Landscape Contractor Page
Basic Residential Lawn Care Techniques and Best Practices
Alternatives to the Traditional Lawn
Gardening During A Drought
Improve your garden soil by Valerie Palmer
Mistletoe: The Other Evergreen by Tim Herd
infdriveway1 page
Sealing the seam between your driveway and garage floor
infdeck2 pages
Installing a Ground-Level Deck
Install a Ground-level deck over a concrete patio
infdoor12 pages
How to replace patio door rollers by Paul Pallas
Determining the Hand or Handing of A Door
Door repair and adjustment
Repairing A Door That Closes By Itself
Choosing and Installing Security Chains or Latches on Your Door
Repairing doors that rub on the top of sides of the door jamb
Repairs for doors that do not latch properly
Repairing Rubbing Locks and Door Edge Weatherstripping
Repairing and Lubricating Squeaking Doors
Determine the Hand of a Door
How to repair a pocket door
Where to locate the knobs on bifolding doors
infdrywall6 pages
Drywall and Wallboard Installation and Repair Tips
Tools for Drywall and Wallboard Installation and Repair
Repair Small to Medium Size Holes In Drywall and Wallboard
Repairing Medium to Large Holes in Drywall
Using, choosing, mixing and storing drywall joint compound
How To Use Drywall Tape on Joints Or Repairs
infductclean3 pages
An Analysis of the Usefulness of Air Duct Cleaning - Part 1 of 2
Components of a forced air hvac system
An Analysis of the Usefulness of Air Duct Cleaning - Part 2
infenergysavers11 pages
Recycling, Energy Saving And Conservation Articles
Installing a rainwater collection system, rain barrel
Build Your Own Solar Panel
Residential Solar Technology Made Simple
Conserve Energy For A Better Quality Of Life by Roy Macklin
Thicken your walls to 6" to increase energy savings by Mike Sakowski
Energy Independence Is A Philosophy
Overlooked Sources of Heat Loss in the Home by Mark D. Tyrol
Solar Energy: Why isn't it mainstream yet?
About Home Energy Audits from the US Department of Energy
Reuse or recycle discarded or damaged toys
femp1 page
Using Geothermal Heat Pumps to Heat and Cool Buildings
erec4 pages
Energy Use of Some Typical Home Appliances
Basics of Solar Heating
Residential Solar Heating Retrofits
Energy Efficiency of Exterior Doors and Storm Doors
inffence2 pages
Easy Fixes for Common Wood Fence Problems
Maintaining a Vinyl Fence
infpicketfence2 pages
Building a perfect wood picket fence by Al Kupchella
infsiding1 page
Exterior Home Siding: A Buyer's Guide
inffire3 pages
Home Fire Safety Checklist by the CSPC
Natural Handyman's Smoke Alarm Page
Change smoke alarm battery every spring time change
inffurniture4 pages
How to Take Care of Your Leather Living Room Furniture
Refresh, don't refinish, your furniture
Oak is the Best Wood for Furnishings by Lorena Benchis
Oak - The King of Hardwood Furniture
infgar20 pages
Garage Door and Opener Repair and Maintenance Tips
Purpose of and installation of safety cables on garage door springs
Replacing or adjusting garage door springs properly
Glossary of garage door terms by Gareth Marples
The History of Garage Doors
Garage Door Weatherstripping and Insulation
Garage door is hard to open and does not open or close smoothly
How to replace a hinge or roller on a garage door
Installing garage door bottom weatherstrip
Adjusting the top clearance of a garage door for low ceilings
Basic garage door troubleshooting
Garage door opener safety
Garage Door Opener Installation Tips
Garage door opener reverses or only partially opens
Screw drive vs chain drive garage door openers
Testing garage door opener remote controls
Garage Door Opener Chain Adjustment
General Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting
Garage door emergency cable release
Install Your Own Garage Door Opener
inftorsion2 pages
Installing and adjusting garage door torsion springs
Garage door torsion spring setup
infgutter4 pages
Gutters, Gutter Covers and Gutter Repair and Maintenance
Installation tips for the Amerimax Solid Gutter Cover
Keeping your gutters flowing free
infhomesale15 pages
Real Estate Purchasing, Ownership and Investment Articles
Potential Resale Returns For Various Home Improvements
Knowing Your Home's Style
Property disclosure information
Complete Home Rehab in 10 Days by Dan Auito
Profitable Home Selling Tips by Maureen Grenier
Home Improvements That Really Pay Off by Maureen Grenier
Important Tips on Pet Proofing Your Home
Smart Home Upgrades vs. Zero-Value Renovations
What To Look Out For When Purchasing Land by Mercedes Hayes
Dead Space in the Home - Make The Best Use of Limited Space
andersen-style-library-pdfs11 pages
infflatpanel2 pages
Install the perfect home theater system in your home
Mounting a Flat Panel TV Monitor on Concrete or Brick Walls
infspa1 page
You Can Build Your Own Spa or Hot Tub
infhumidifier5 pages
Humidity and Humidifier Maintenance and Repair
How humidifiers work
Understanding Humidity
Humidifier cleaning and maintenance
Improve performance and efficiency of your humidifier and dehumidifier
inficedam3 pages
Ice Dam Prevention and Removal Articles
Understanding and Preventing Ice Dams
Professional Ice Dam Removal Tips
infinsulaton1 page
Common Attic Insulation Mistakes
inflitterbox1 page
Side-Access Litter Box
infloghome6 pages
Log Home Purchasing and Design Articles
Log Home Basics by Mercedes Hayes
Budgeting Your Log Home by Mercedes Hayes
Breaking Down The Budget Of Your Log Home by Mercedes Hayes
Designing Your Log Home
Log Homes vs. Insects by Mercedes Hayes
infmailbox4 pages
Mailbox repair, replacement and selection articles
Modify your mailbox flag for more visibility
How to Install, Repair or Replace a Damaged Mailbox Post
Retrofit / install a locking mailbox
infroof5 pages
Annual Checks Can Keep Your Home's Exterior in Good Repair
Choosing the right roofing repair or installation contractor
Class 4 Shingles to Protect Your Roof from Impact Damage
Choosing the right roofing repair or installation contractor
Roof Underlayments: Traditional felt vs. Synthetic
infsoundproofing5 pages
Do It Yourself Home Soundproofing Articles
Soundproofing Your Home Office
Soundproofing for condominiums and apartments
Do it yourself home soundproofing
Proven Soundproofing Techniques and Products
infpaneling1 page
Installing Inexpensive Decorative Wall Paneling
infwood1 page
Using Waterproof Plywood Panels
infpool10 pages
Swimming Pool Maintenance and Safety
How to Remove Swimming Pool Stains
Winterize your swimming pool
Using the Energy Star calculator for pool pumps
Swimming Pool Chemistry and Chemicals
Specifications for Swimming Pool Safety Barriers
Water and Energy Conservation and Your Swimming Pool
CPSC Warns About Pool Hazards, Reports 250 Deaths of Young Children
Swimming Pool Safety Strategies
Troubleshooting and Repairing Pool Pumps by Andrew Scherer
inftoolrental6 pages
Tool Rental Guide for the Weekend Warrion
Tool Rental Guide - Tools for cutting concrete
Tool Rentals for Woodcutting - Installing a new door
Using Rental Drills and Hammers to Remove and Old Tile Floor
Tools To Maintain Your Lawn, Garden and Landscaping
Rent Tools to Patch Damaged Floorboards
infsep3 pages
Natural Handyman's Septic System Care and Maintenance Page
Cross Sectional View Residential Septic System
Two Compartment Residential Septic Tank Diagram
infwaterheater12 pages
Are Tankless Water Heaters A Good Investment for you?
Adjust your water heater temperature for energy savings
Selecting The Best Water Heater For YOUR Home
How To Drain Your Water Heater to Remove Sediment
Water Heater Maintenance, Adjustment and Replacement
Should you invest in a solar water heater
Tankless or Demand Water Heater - Comparison of Different Types
Replace stock water heater drain valve for improved sediment removal
Residential Electric Hot Water Heater Exploded view
Residential Gas Hot Water Heater Exploded view
Purchasing and Maintaining Tank Style Water Heaters
Energy Efficient Water Heating - Making the Right Choices
inftelephone8 pages
Telephone Line and Wire Troubleshooting
Telelphone wiring problems and troubleshooting for the homeowner
Limit on the number of telephones on one telephone line
Telephone Line and Wire Safety issues and concerns
Understanding Telephone Wire and Wiring Colors For Correct Wiring
Understanding how to wire two telephone lines in any room
How To Reverse The Telephone Lines in One Telephone Jack
Making 2nd telephone number the primary number
infaudiovideo1 page
Build a Wooden Virtual Reality (VR) headset for your Smartphone
infwater6 pages
Water Filtration, Purification and Treatment
Removing Hydrogen Sulfide H2S From Water
How Water Filters Work by Gareth Marples
Glossary of Water Filter Terms and Definitions by Gareth Marples
History of Water Filters by Gareth Marples
Graphic of Chlorine Chlorination Filtration System
infworkshop1 page
Simple Ways to Organize Your Workshop by Jennifer Lutz
infpressrelease2 pages
Trex Company Class Action Lawsuit press release posted
Trex Company Class Action Lawsuit settled
contest2 pages
Natural Handyman's Sweepstakes Central
Natural Handyman's Sweepstakes Rules
dewalt-palm-sander1 page
Natural Handyman's Dewalt Palm Sander Giveaway
nhhat1 page
NH Logo Baseball Cap Contest
logoattache1 page
Natural Handyman Logo Attache Giveaway
contestarchives1 page
Natural Handyman's Sweepstakes Winner Archives for the past year
lowes-gift-card1 page
Win a $100 Lowe's Gift Card from
nhscreencleaner1 page
Win a Natural Handyman Logo Phone and Tablet Screen Cleaner
ledflashlight1 page
Win a Natural Handyman Logo LED Flashlight
bookshop79 pages
Natural Handyman's Bookshop
Air Conditioning the Cool and Easy Way by Curtis L. Gavel
The Water Heater Workbook by Larry and Suzanne Weingarten
Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances (3rd Ed)
The Original Basement Waterproofing Handbook by Jack Masters
Code Check
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Remodeling Your Home
Contractor's Guide to the Building Code
THE BUILDER'S SECRET by George Ehrenhaft
Carpentry and Building Construction by Feirer Hutchings and Feirer
Renovation : A Complete Guide 4th edition by Michael W. Litchfield
Roofing Construction and Estimating by Daniel Atcheson
The E-Myth Contractor by Michael E. Berger
Handyman's Handbook by David Koenigsberg
Start and Run a Home Cleaning Business by Susan Bewsey
Fast and Easy Techniques for Building Modern Cabinetry by Danny Proulx
Refacing Cabinets Making An Old Kitchen New by Herrick Kimball
Switched On, Flushed Down, Tossed Out by Trudee Romanek
Clean It Fast, Clean It Right by Jeff Bredenberg
The Cleaning Encyclopedia by Don Aslett
Making Plastic Laminate Countertops by Herrick Kimball
Concrete Countertops: Design, Forms, and Finishes by Fu-Tung Cheng
Storey's Basic Country Skills by John Storey
Crafts for Thanksgiving
Easy-To-Do Holiday Crafts edited by Sharon Dunn Umnik
One-Hour Christmas Crafts by Anne Van Wagner Childs
SIMPLY HANDMADE: 365 Easy Gifts by Carol Field Dahlstrom
Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things by Cy Tymony
The Not So Big House by Susan Susanka
300 Incredible Things for Home Improvement on the Internet
Drywall: Professional Techniques by Myron Ferguson
Ortho's All About Wiring Basics by Larry Erickson
American Electrician's Handbook by Terrell Croft
Wiring Simplified (43rd Ed.)
Wiring A House by Rex Cauldwell
Feng Shui Design by Sarah Rossbach and Yun Lin
Feng Shui That Makes Sense by Cathleen McCandless
Fine Furniture Finishing with David Sorg
The Readers Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening
How Your House Works by Charlie Wing
Reader's Digest Fix-It-Yourself Manual
Room For Improvement by Barbara K
Taylors Master Guide to Landscaping by Rita Buchanan
Visual Guide to Lock Picking by Mark McCloud
The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing by Bill Phillips
Masonry Skills by Richard T. Kreh Sr.
The Complete Guide to Stonescaping by David Reed
The Foremost Mobile Home Fix-It Guide
The Manual for Manufactured/Mobile Home Repair
Books on Duct Tape and WD-40
The Five-Gallon Bucket Book by Jim McKenzie
The Art of FAUX by Pierre Finkelstein
Home Book of Picture Framing by Kenn Oberrecht
Modern Plumbing by E. Keith Blankenbaker
Plumbing A House by Peter Hemp
Build Your Own Custom Hot Tub or Spa
The Ultimate Pool Maintenance Manual by Terry Tamminen
Doghouse to Dollhouse For Dollars by Jeanette Fisher
Fix It and Flip It by Gene Hamilton and Katie Hamilton
The Homeowner's Diary by Della Sheffield
Slate Roof Bible by Joseph Jenkins
The Real Goods Solar Living Source Book
The Lost Are of Steam Heating by Dan Holohan
Ceramic Tile Setting by John P. Bridge
Tile Your World by John Bridge
The New Router Handbook by Patrick Spielman
Reader's Digest Book of Skills and Tools
Woodworking With The Router by Bill Hylton and Fred Matlack
Treehouses: Black and Decker Complete Guide
The Treehouse Book by Peter Nelson and David Larkin
Treehouses: The Art and Craft of Living Out on a Limb by Peter Nelson
Home Tree Home by Peter Nelson
Tree Houses You Can Actually Build by David R. Stiles
How to Repair Old Windows by Andrew Coviello
Working Windows by Terence Meany
The Woodburner's Companion by Dirk Thomas
Understanding Wood Finishing by Bob Flexner
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Natural Handyman's Question and Answer Category Page
Natural Handyman's Question and Answer Category Page
Balancing the air flow of forced air heating and cooling
Glue and adhesive questions
Room air conditioner questions and answers
Buying an air compressor
Remove paint from asphalt driveway
Attic ventilation- effect on moisture and temperature
Antenna regulations for condominiums and associations
Computing Baseboard heating needs
Preventing condensation on cold water pipes and metal surfaces
Basement wall foundation waterproofing, interior versus exterior
Bathroom ventilation and exhaust fan questions
Load bearing wall issues
Bifold and sliding door adjustment and installation questions
Restring blinds or miniblinds questions
Brass cleaning questions
Cabinet Installation questions
Protect carpet from fraying at tile or wood flooring transition
Stretching loose wall-to-wall carpet
Carpet stain questions
Removing tackless carpet strips on hardwood floor
Bathroom caulking questions
Painting over silicone caulk questions and answers
Caulk removal questions
Caulking between clapboards or siding outside the home
Painting and cleaning spray texture popcorn ceiling questions
Removing and repairing texture on ceilings and walls
Ceiling and wall repair Questions
Ceiling Fan Balancing, Installation and Use
Removing ceramic tile questions
Security lock and chain selection/installation tips
Chainsaw questions
Chiminea questions
Chimney cleaning, Flue Liners and Cleaning
Miscellaneous Power and Hand Tool questions
Household cleaning and odor mitigation/control questions and answers
Clothes dryer installation and venting questions
Compression fitting questions
Repairing sunken or sagging concrete slab or walkway
Removing stains on masonry surfaces
How to remove contact paper from surfaces
Restore or repair cultured marble countertop
Cutting and drilling laminate countertop questions
Painting or refinishing plastic laminate countertop questions
Cleaning or brightening plastic laminate kitchen countertops
Restore or repair solid surface countertops
Sealing or staining wood butcher block countertop
Deck and pressure treated wood finishing and replacement issues
Cleaning algae, fungus and mildew from lumber
Replacing overheating or hot dimmer switch or fan control
Cabinet door questions
Door closing, sticking and locking questions
Door painting issues questions and answers
Repairing a pocket door when the wheels go off the track in the wall
Repairing bypassing, sliding closet doors
Door swing or hand questions
Replacing or repairing door jambs and doors
Troubleshooting doorbell questions
Plumbing drain blockage questions
Floor drain questions
Drilling holes in various materials
Front steel door will hit new tile floor; alternatives examined
Whole house exhaust fan questions
Repairing a faucet drip
Shower or tub faucet temperature and pressure problems
Choosing a filter for your forced air heating/cooling system
US Flag presentation questions
Vinyl, Tile or Linoleum Glue Removal from Subfloor
Miscellaneous flooring questions
Shed or outbuilding floor questions
Squeaky floor questions
Fluorescent Light Fixture Repair and Installation
Painting Formica plastic laminate questions and answers
Prevent freezing pipes during cold winter months
Furniture repair questions
Garage door repair, installation and adjustment questions
Special low clearance kit for the garage doors
How to uninstall a garage door and opener for a garage renovation
Garage door lock should be disabled after installing opener
Garage door opener repair, installation and adjustment questions
Unclog or unjam garbage disposal
Propane and natural gas questions
GFCI ground fault circuit interrupter) installation/troubleshooting
Installing safety or grab bars
How to match grout color and type when doing repairs
Installing, cleaning and repairing grout
Gutter Cleaning and Repair
Hanging hammock from a masonry wall
Handrail installation suggested height
Starting a Handyman business questions
Hanging mirrors and other heavy items requires creativity
Towel bars and toilet paper holder repair and installation
Steam heating questions
Ice Dam Prevention and Cure Questions
Pest contol topics
Repair insulated double pane glass that has become cloudy
Insulation and energy conservation questions from the Natural Handyman
Ladder Use and Safety
Lazy susan adjustment and repair
Install your own laundry chute
Leak at a glued or welded PVC or CPVC plastic fitting
Lights and lighting questions
Using linseed oil on food preparation surfaces
Lock and locksmithing questions and answers
Maintenance tips to lengthen the useful life of stuff around the home
Install wood mantle shelf on brick fireplace
Polish marble to restore shine
Cutting masonry, cement, patio blocks, bricks, manufactured stone
Masonry repair questions
McPherson toilets not available and parts are scarce
Definition of linear feet
Mold and mildew removal and prevention
Homemade milk paint question
Mirror questions and answers
Comparison of standard power miter saw and compound power miter saw
Tuck pointing and repointing brick mortar
Eliminate sink drain odor
Determine the type of paint used on a surface
Paint odor questions
Options for repairing badly peeling walls
Paint preparation questions
Painting over contact paper
Pros and cons of painting over wallpaper vs. walllpaper stripping
Painting radiators
Painting technique questions
Vinyl siding and shutters questions
Power washers use and purchase
Refrigerator Installation and Repair questions
Roofing questions
Roof painting questions and answers
Saddle valve questions
Extracting or loosening a screw with a stripped head
Sink trap and drain questions
How to remove a ceramic sink from a laminate countertop
Skylight questions
Sliding screen door repair and adjustment
Improving the flow of a showerhead
Shower door removal leaves holes that need repair
Cleaning and Brightening stainless steel
Home repair software questions
Storm door repair and installation questions
Loosening up sticking storm windows
Strip paint from metal surfaces
Installing subfloor questions and answers
Removing adhesive tape and glue from walls
Telephone troubleshooting questions and answers
Three-way switch repair questions
Replacing a wood door threshold
Tile countertop and backsplash questions
Toilet cleaning questions and answers
Toilet condensation questions and answers
Toilet repair and adjustment questions and answers
Removal of a cast iron tub as part of a bathroom renovation
Install and Repair Vinyl Flooring Questions and Answers
Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tile Floor Preparation
Wallpaper Installation and Repair questions and answers
Water heating and heater miscellaneous questions
Maintain the recommended temperature in hot water heating system
Water pressure questions and issues
Water treatment and water filter options and issues
Origin of the popular lubricant WD-40's name
Preventing and controlling weeds questions and answers
Well Pump Adjustment Questions and Answers
Wicker furniture questions
Energy saving window idea questions
Window repair, replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting questions
Wood rot repair questions
Wood finishing questions
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