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Water Heating Information, Products and Parts

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Water Heater Hub

Water Heater Hub provides information on how to diagnose and fix a leaking water heater, troubleshoot common problems, instructions to replace various water heater parts, and other information for the DIYer.

Water Heater Rescue

Water Heater Rescue features troubleshooting and parts and information to ensure that water heaters function as long and efficiently as possible.

Chilipepper Hot Water Appliance

The Chilipepper Push-Button Hot Water Appliance is one of the coolest inventions to come down the 'pike in a long time. Do you have a bathroom faucet or shower that takes forever to warm up? The "Chilipepper" recirculates the water within the pipes WITHOUT WASTING A DROP! So you don't have to run... and run... and run the faucet to get hot water. This process is so fast that before the toilet finishes flushing you'll have hot water.  Plus you save water, time and money! makes it easy for you to purchase gas or electric tankless water heaters.  Their online shopping consultant  helps you select the proper tankless unit. The price you see is what you pay, there are NO hidden costs.

Low Energy Systems

Low Energy Systems specializes in economical gas and electric tankless water heaters.  Whether you want to heat water for your entire home or just get a "boost" in a distant bathroom, they have a heater to suit your needs.  Pricing very competitive.

RedyTemp Hot Water Recirculation System

RedyTemp Optimizer provides instant hot water to all faucets and showers by recirculating hot water to your tank.  Minimal plumbing skills required for installation. A built-in timer keeps energy use low, and their patented calcium proof manifold means you'll never have to perform maintenance or periodic cleanings.

SOLARROOFS.COM has developed a unique and easy-to-install passive solar water heating system that can be installed by one person! Using state of the art lightweight panels, a skilled do-it-yourselfer can economically decrease his energy consumption for a reasonable cost.

Metlund Hot Water D'MAND System

The Metlund Hot Water D'MAND System is an electronically controlled pump and valve assembly that allows for the rapid delivery of hot water to the plumbing fixtures without the loss of cold water down the drain. The system works only when there is a demand for hot water. When the user activates the system by pushing the D'MAND button or the wireless remote button, the Hot Water D'MAND System pumps the hot water to the plumbing fixtures. Once hot water reaches the pump, the Hot Water D'MAND System completely shuts off by detecting a 3 to 4 % temperature rise so there is no loss of energy or water!

There are advantages to this kit over a pure D-I-Y job. They supply a flexible copper tubing to speed installation and temperature sensitive relays that automatically turn off the pump when the hot water reaches the faucet. This system can also be used at intermediate faucets on the line (such as in the kitchen or other bathrooms) by installing a separate switch and relay under each sink. It has a low voltage switch system, making the additional wiring easier because of the smaller wire size used, along with reduced shock hazard at the remote bathrooms... a good idea if you have kids.

They have a great schematic of the layout of these systems at the web site, that is worth looking at if only out of curiosity!

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