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Soundproofing and Noise Reduction Products and Services

Acoustical Solutions

Acoustical Solutions offers noise control and soundproofing products for home theaters, home recording studios and many other applications.  The site offers extensive installation instructions of their products as well as many case studies of actual soundproofing projects.

Netwell Noise Control

NETWELL NOISE CONTROL can help you quiet that noisy room or reduce sound transmission through walls and floors. Their products are for commercial and residential situations and designed for “self-installation” if you're a do-it-yourselfer. The site also has detailed explanations of sound-deadening techniques and full product descriptions.

From a small, personal business started by an ex-Naval engineer over 30 years ago, has matured into a virtual one-stop supermarket for all your sound reduction needs... but keeping the personal touch with unparalleled customer service. His success has translated into a great website with lots of instructional material and telephone support for a wide variety of do-it-yourself sound insulation products, including moveable and/or hanging barriers that can accomodate temporary sound deadening needs.

Sound Proofing America

Sound Proofing America offers a wide variety of quality soundproofing products at reasonable prices.  They also have a library of informative articles on the soundproofing of most any part of your home... from your computer to your washing machine to your noisy heating system.

SoundStop from Blue Ridge Fiberboard

Installed behind drywall in new construction or renovations, easy to afford SoundStop adds great sale/resale value to single and multi-family home owners. Multifamily home owners benefit from SoundStop by significantly deadening noise transfer through neighbors' shared walls and corridors.

Soundproof Foam

Soundproof Foam is a convenience place to research and buy acoustic foam and soundproofing for your home or business.  Their site has articles on do-it-yourself soundproofing and more.

True Sound Control carries the complete “Auralex Acoustics” product line of professional soundproofing products - including acoustic foam, bass traps, diffusors, sound isolation barriers, foam kits and soundproofing construction materials. The same products use in recording studios!

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