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Software Links for Home Repairs, Contractors and Handymen


FIIX is a leading provider of cloud-based EAM/CMMS solutions to businesses of all size all over the world and in 10 languages. Over 20,000 businesses and individual users worldwide have already experienced how FIIX CMMS efficiently handles corrective, preventive, condition-based and scheduled maintenance for equipment and assets. It solves the challenges of securely capturing, accessing, sharing and backing up critical maintenance data and know-how.

FIIX CMMS is a full-featured maintenance management package that reduces the total cost of ownership of equipment assets and facilities, and increases productivity through its simple and innovative tool-set. Our solution is portable and is available from any internet-enabled computing device – from desktops to tablets to smart phones.

Big Hammer Software

BIG HAMMER SOFTWARE is the do-it-yourself arm of Cad Quest, a professional design software company.  They have used their programming expertise to develop a family of software products for building decks, playsets, fences, garages and other projects around the home.  Their products are available online or at many retailers.

Contractor's Office from PrioSoft

CONTRACTOR'S OFFICE from PrioSoft is a professional construction contractor software package designed to give you the growth path you desire with complete control over every aspect of each project. The system includes contact management, estimating, bid management, project management, security and a complete reporting system.

The Home Journal

NH is a stickler for record keeping!  Want to touch up the walls in the living room, but can't remember the paint color... linen white or atrium white?  Or need a part for the lawnmower, but forgot where you bought it?

No problem!  THE HOME JOURNAL is an easy-to-use, database program to help you keep track of home repairs, your valuables, and more.  The system is ingeniously simple... in a few keystrokes you set up a log for each room, and simply enter the information about your latest project... paint color and manufacturer, the date, etc.    This gives you more flexibility than a written journal... next time you paint, you can easily update your room records.

For exterior and mechanical repairs, you have the same versatility.  For example, if you have an out building such as a shed, workshop, or outhouse, you can easily record associated expenses by setting up a category for it.

Perhaps the greatest strength of this program is your ability to print reports that you can move to your safe deposit box, for use in insurance claims for damages or theft.   Ask your insurance agent... there is nothing more valuable in making a claim than a neat, organized  permanent record.  Visit their Website for a "virtual" walkthrough of this useful program, via screenshots.

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