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Roofing, Ventilation and Related Products

(See also our links to attic ventilation and exhaust fans)

Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer's Association

No matter what you want or need to know about asphalt roofing, you'll find it here!  ARMA touches on every imaginable topic, including comparisons between other types of roofing products.

TheBuilderStore - Custom Cedar Gable Vents

TheBuilderStore features high quality cedar gable vents. All vents are custom made so we can match your exact specifications. The perfect finishing touch to your custom home.

DCI Products

DCI PRODUCTS offers roof ventilation solutions that are both unique and easy to install. How about soffit-like venting for homes without soffits? Amazing but true. If you have an attic that is so hot that you could fry eggs on the insulation their site is worth a visit!

Owens Corning

Extensive information on roofing materials and their installation, diagnosis of moisture related problems, as well as insulation and ventilation of your home. A must-see site! For the easiest navigation, use their "FIND IT FAST" search engine to navigate the site!

Savetime Corporation

Savetime Corporation is a distributor of a unique product to prevent algae and fungus on roofs called "Shingle Shield". It's a zinc strip that is attached near the peak of the roof. Each time it rains, small amounts of zinc oxide, a well-known fungicide, are mixed into the water, inhibiting the growth of all those nasties on your roof! They also have a no-gutter gutter called the Rain Handler... their prime product... and a non-chlorine roof cleaner to be used before installation of the Shingle Shield.

The Somay Paint Factory

Paint products for difficult applications is their specialty. After all, they are appropriately located in Florida, one of the toughest climates in America on roofs and siding! A great source of info on roof paints, cleaning, and restorative products.

(See also our links to attic ventilation and exhaust fans)

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