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Artificial Landscape Rocks and Boulders

Charles Products Ltd

Charles Products Ltd has developed paint-like products used to coat and restore stone or to make non-stone materials look like stone!  Turn To Stone and Miniature Stone Coating are non-toxic, water-based and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Polytech Foam Products

Polytech Foam Products is a manufacturer of portable polyurethane foam systems for the hobbyist and do-it-yourself market.  Their kits can be used to make fake rocks, waterfall backgrounds, model train landscapes and other projects where a lightweight, insulating product is needed. offers instruction and materials to convert piles of bricks, stones and old cement into artificial rocks and waterfalls! Both stationary and moveable boulders can be made using their methods and can be integrated into your home's landscape.  Excellent  instructional book available by master stonemaker Erik Kinkade!

Universal Rocks

Universal Rocks is an Australian company dedicated to producing amazing replicas of the most beautiful features of our bush landscape. With our extensive range of over one hundred innovative and attractive products, including artificial rocks, waterfalls and cascade rocks, you can't help but find a "Universal Rock" suitable for your indoor or outdoor use.

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