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Pressure Treated Wood Links

Chemical Specialties, Inc.

Chemical Specialties, Inc. is an important manufacturer of treated wood products that once could only be dreamed about! Their products include non-arsenic based ACQ pressure treated wood, factory-waterproofed pressure treated wood, factory-colored pressure treated wood, and fire retardant pressure treated lumber and plywood.  They even sell lumber impregnated with Olympic Stain!

The Southern Pine Council

The Southern Pine Council features a wealth of information on pressure-treated southern pine for decks, boardwalks and even marine uses.  Plus they have a great section on permanent wood foundations... a cost effective and durable residential foundation that can be used in some areas in lieu of more expensive concrete or stone foundations.

Wolmanized Wood from Arch Worldwide

The Arch Worldwide is the manufacturer of a variety of mold and insect resistant wood products, including Wolmanized pressure treated wood for commercial and residential use, borate-treated wood primary for insect resistance and also a line of fire-resistant wood products.

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