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Natural Handyman's Link and Link Exchange Policy

If you think that the content we offer here would be of value to visitors at your web site, we would be honored for you to link to us!! If your site is related to home repair, construction or real estate and is of good quality, we will gladly reciprocate with a link in our Links Library.

Even if your site is not home repair-related, we will be glad to post a "Thank you" link in our monthly newsletter.  However, since we do not charge any fees for links on our website, we reserve the right to refuse any link submitted.

Some types of links we usually refuse are...

1) Links to sites that are difficult to navigate, hard to read or have excessive numbers of broken links.  Our Linkmeister is very web-savvy, and if he can't figure out your website, we know our readers won't be able to either!  Try us again when you get your site in order.

2)  Links to certain types of sites that are competitive with us or some contractor websites in certain geographical areas may not be allowed on our site.

3)Links to "link farms" with no useful content or that feature "bogus" filler articles.  This annoying trend to cash in on context-based advertising is cluttering up the web with poor-quality articles that annoy all of us and waste our time.  However, we have been known to make exceptions for specialty link sites that have unique offerings.

4)  We will not link to any website that is primarily an "affiliate" website. This is simply because we don't want our  pages filled with links to the same business under different names!  If you submit such a website and it slips past our attention, your link may be removed at a future date without warning.

5)  We may remove a link to a website that has changed since we first viewed it, such as a site that has changed it's purpose, removed content or otherwise deteriorated in quality or value (see items 1-4 above).  We reserve the right to remove such a link without warning.

How quickly will we link to your site?

Your patience is appreciated.  Our typical timeline on a link request is 30-60 days, though a great site that gets our attention may be linked to more quickly.  We receive hundreds of link requests per month and each site is evaluated individually.  It takes some time to give each website a fair viewing.

How will you know when we link to you?

We acknowledge acceptances with an email message.  We do not acknowledge refusals.  If you don't hear from us within 60 days or make substantial improvements to your site, you may resubmit.

We are "picky", but try to be fair.  Any quality product or informational website that we feel offers a legitimate benefit to our readers will find a permanent home in our Links Library!!

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