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Insulating, Insulation and Weatherstripping Links

US Department of Energy "Zip Code" Insulation Program

Finally, a government program that I like!!  The ZIP-Code Insulation Program will tell you the most economic insulation level for your new or existing house.  Just enter some information into the form and you get recommended insulation types and amounts for your area.

The "Shutter Cover" Attic Fan Cover

The Shutter Cover installs over your fan's ceiling-mounted louvers to stop valuable heat loss.  Much easier to use than attic-installed fan insulation.  A perfect choice if you don't have attic access!  Custom sizes available.

The Battic Door

The Battic Door is an energy-saving insulated cover for a folding attic stairway. It reduces air leakage between the conditioned house and the unconditioned attic space, which not only saves money but also makes your home more comfortable!  They also sell a number of other energy saving products!

Owens Corning

Owens Corning offers extensive information on insulation and ventilation of your home, as well as roofing materials and their installation, diagnosis of moisture related problems, etc. A must-see site! For the easiest navigation, use their FIND IT FAST search engine to navigate the site!

Polytech Foam Products

Polytech Foam Products is a manufacturer of portable polyurethane foam systems for the hobbyist and do-it-yourself market.  Their kits can be used to make fake rocks, waterfall backgrounds, model train landscapes and other projects where a lightweight, insulating product is needed.

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