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Gutter Covers,  Cleaning, Parts and Accessories

Gutter Works

GUTTER WORKS is the "WalMart" of gutter supply stores!  Not only do they feature a variety of gutters and gutter covers, but also unique and unusual accessories for gutter cleaning, ladder add-ons, downspout diverters and more!!

"Gutter Sense" Gutter Cleaning Tool

Imagine a rain gutter cleaning tool that makes gutter maintenance easy from the ground, fits on an ordinary extension pole, is light enough to reach a two story gutter, grasps even pine needles, cleans beneath the supports and doesn't get you or the woodwork wet or blow the mess all over!

FastenMaster Gutter Screws

FastenMaster Gutter Screws are the best solution for replacing old, loose gutter spikes! They are designed slightly larger than the spikes to screw firmly into the old spike holes and install easily through the gutter. A square-drive screwdriver bit is supplied with each package. These are real work savers and are available at home and hardware stores... or at their website!

GuttersDirect has information on a variety of gutter cover products to help you to make an informed choice.  If you find what you like, you can also purchase it in their online store and save yourself a trip to the home store!  They also feature


Rainhandler is the "gutterless" gutter.  Instead of directing the roof runoff through gutters and downspouts, the Rainhandler disperses the water into droplets that do not wash out the ground next to your home and decrease the chance of runoff-related basement flooding.  Obviously, they may not be right for every home, but if your home would look better without traditional gutters OR you would like to end gutter cleaning forever, they definitely are worth a look!

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