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"Green", Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly
Products and Services including Solar and Wind

Presto Wind Products

Presto Wind Products sells wind generators mostly for the DIY crowd, including wind generators specifically designed for low and light wind conditions!  They also offer replacement parts and kits.


THE ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND RENEWABLE ENERGY NETWORK…a.k.a. EREN (thank God for acronyms) is the US Department of Energy's collection of articles and research into everything related to energy conservation. My favorite part of the site is the "Building" section which features articles on such far-flung topics as space heating, appliances and landscaping for energy efficiency., a project of  the California Urban Water Conservation Council, is a treasure-trove of water conservation information.  Learn the best ways to save water around your home, drought survival tips, how to determine your water usage and even get information on water-conserving gardens!


OIKOS is a fine compendium of links to environmentally aware companies selling home repair products and services. They also have their own catalog of products, books, and software.

Natural Tree Furniture by Ray Smith

SMITH INDUSTRIES features natural tree furniture, handcrafted by artisan Ray Smith. Using environmentally responsible design, all furniture is made from naturally felled trees. Each piece is unique and custom orders are accepted! CAT LOVERS ALERT! They also specialize in "Cat Tree Furniture"! See photos of their fine work at the site.

The R-2000 Home Program

The R-2000 Home Program sets a high standard for builders to design healthy, energy efficient homes to bear the brutal winters of Manitoba, Canada.  Any home can benefit from their suggestions!  This site also offers a great series of articles covering the basics of both active and passive solar heating systems.

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