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Lawn, Garden and Flower Links Plant Care Guides has posted a fine list of care guides for various popular ornamental flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs. is the website of the National Gardening Association (NGA) which is a Vermont-vased nonprofit provider of gardening education.

Avant Garden Decor

Avant Garden Decor provides outdoor decoration and gardening implements such as coco planters, flower boxes, firepits, and much more. The blog posts seasonally relevant tips about how to plant certain vegetables, how to choose recipes that best utilize the items in your garden, and of course, tips on decorating and designing your outdoor space.

If you want to learn about native plants, eco-friendly gardening tactics, or what plants flourish next to each other, check out their how-to section, blog, and other informational resources. And if you're looking for ways to spruce up your lawn and garden, you know where to start looking!

Did you know the average row of tomato plants yields about 60 pounds of harvest? Or that there are over 7,500 varieties of tomatoes? These facts and tons more are just a few reasons why 93% of gardening households in America grow their own tomatoes. Click here to view or print Avant Gardn Decor's infographic on "Growing Tomatoes".

Garden Simply

GARDEN SIMPLY is a fine gardening resource emphasizing sustainable gardening. Their tips cover all aspects of gardening including landscaping, composting, soil, tools, raising worms and much practical advice!

Clean Air Gardening

Clean Air Gardening features a wide variety of environmentally-friendly lawn and garden products, including reel mowers, rain barrels, interesting garden tools and other cool gadgets!

Food For Everyone

FOOD FOR EVERYONE is a nonprofit foundation that promotes efficient non-polluting gardening methods. They feature the "Mittleider method", which utilizes a custom-made soil for greater production at low cost. The site has detailed instructions as well as an online planner to help you lay out your own garden. Yummy!

The Gardening Guru

Gardening Guru David Daehnke has a winner site with a good mixture of articles and links to satisfy your horticultural appetite. He has wide experience horticulture, landscaping and landscape management.

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