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Flooring and Floor Coverings

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Armstrong Floors

Homeowners can find flooring information on-line at the new Armstrong Flooring Web site.  Installation information and decorating tips for do-it-yourselfers will help you get your floor installed right!

Creative Edge Corporation

CREATIVE EDGE is a leading fabricator of custom flooring using a technology known as "waterjet" cutting... a computer-controlled process that can make complex cuts in virtually any flooring material. Even hard to cut materials such as ceramic tile, marble or glass are easily shaped using water-borne abrasives as the primary cutting medium!  A fascinating site that's worth a look!

Empire TodayPet-Friendly Durable Flooring

When pets are involved, extra care must be taken to choose flooring products that are both durable and easy to clean and maintain. Empire Today offers a great selection of pet-friendly carpet and solid flooring products to make pet ownership easier than ever!

EZYDECK Modular Deck Tiles

EZYDECK is a unique parquet flooring product that can be installed over any smooth, well-drained surface (including gravel).  The tiles interlock and "float" with no need for fasteners or adhesives. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and is available with either a wood or grout-less ceramic tile surface, attached to a raised plastic framework to allow for drainage.

Tennessee Wood Flooring

Tennessee Wood Flooring supplies high quality hardwood floors in custom sizes and finishes, working to the customer's specifications from standard to wide plank flooring.  Only for people who need the best!

Also visit our Wood, Specialty Lumber and Woodworking page
 for more related links!

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