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Whole-house, Exhaust, Radon and
Miscellaneous Ventilation Links

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E-Z Breathe Ventilation System

The EZ Breathe™ System is a maintenance free unit that protects your home and family from excess moisture, molds, toxins, allergies and poor air quality resulting in a clean, healthy living environment. It provides powerful ventilation, supporting both the EPA and the American Lung Associations' recommendations to use a ventilated system to reduce indoor air pollution.


Fantech manufactures a variety of ventilation solutions including dryer vent booster fans, inline duct fans, radon fans, heat recovery ventilators and range hoods... and much more!  Unfortunately, they don't sell their products on their website. (See below.) provides competitively priced HVAC products to builders, contractors, and end-users. Their product lines include bathroom exhaust fans, tankless water heaters, kitchen exhaust fans and range hoods, clothes dryer vent boosters, radon exhaust fans and ventilation/filtration systems for the home or office. All products can be ordered from their online store.

FanAm, Inc.

Formerly "Fan America", Fan Am, Inc. manufactures both consumer and customized commercial ventilation fans of all sorts including utility fans, roof exhausters, bathroom "box" ceiling fans and powerful inline exhaust fans. offers a variety of electric and solar-powered ventilators to help reduce dangerous attic heat build-up.  They are also a certified dealer of Solatube tubular skylights! offers a selection of attic fans from residential to commercial.  They also sell replacement shutters for wall and floor-mounted fans... items that are difficult to find elsewhere!

Whole House Fan offers a radical new design in whole house fans.  They use multiple small fans instead of a single fan, minimizing noise and power consumption.  A special automatic cover provides an air-tight seal when the fan is off.  They require NO seasonal covering for colder areas and keep the heat in the attic when the fan is not in use... great if you also use air conditioning during the day!

(See also our links to Roofing and related ventilation products)

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