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Drywall Products, Tools and Information

All-Wall Equipment Company

Specializing in everything drywall, All-Wall is a leading distributor for top drywall tools and supplies.  Owned by a 25-year pro in the drywall tool industry, you are assured of only the best quality products and service!

Blind Mark and Arc Mark Drywall Tools from Crorey Builders

Locate outlet and switch boxes behind drywall effortlessly with the magnetic Blind Mark (for walls) or the Arc Mark (for round fixture boxes).  These magnetic helpers save loads of time and assure accurate cuts every time!'s owner, Mike Bell, hails from Beloit, WI and offers complete drywall installation, texturing and repair service.  This new website features a growing collection of installation and repair articles, with really professional techniques on display!  There are also some inexpensive tutorials available on wall and ceiling texturing projects.


The HandyMark is a unique drywall tool that makes accurate placement of outlet box cutouts easier than ever!  Simply place the HandyMark over the box, put the sheet in position and press it against the HandyMark.  The HandyMark transfers it's location to the back of the drywall, giving you a cutting template!  You can use multiple HandyMarks for multiple gang-type outlets.  Complete illustrated instructions at the website!

U.S.G. Corporation (U.S. Gypsum)

From the horses mouth... great source of product information and installation procedures for on all types of wallboard and cement board, as well as plaster! The commonly used term SHEETROCK® is actually a trademarked term for their brand of gypsum panel drywall / wallboard.

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