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Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone Resources, Supplies and Instruction

Aqua Mix Grout Colorant

Aqua Mix Grout Colorant (a product of Custom Building Products)is an easy-to-use waterborne epoxy that re-colors, seals and rejuvenates existing grout joints. Also simplifies ongoing grout cleaning.

Bath Wizard

BathWizard is a complete kit to repair cracks and blemishes in acrylic, fiberglass, cultured marble and porcelain.  The kit contains a repair compound for cracks and chips and specially formulated tinting paints to help match the original color.  Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Creative Edge Corporation

CREATIVE EDGE CORPORATION is a leading fabricator of custom flooring using a technology known as "waterjet" cutting... a computer-controlled process that can make complex cuts in virtually any flooring material. Even hard to cut materials such as ceramic tile, marble or glass are easily shaped using water-borne abrasives as the primary cutting medium! A fascinating site that's worth a look!

Florida Tile

Though lacking in installation information, this site does give information on care, maintenance, and FAQ's about the properties and limitations of ceramic tile. Also has some great graphics of tilework, if you have the patience for the lengthy download time!

Grout Dye Company

The Grout Dye Company is the manufacturer of  GDC grout stain colorants, a product used to restor, recolor and seal grout.  Their product offers long-lasting waterproof protection over any tile grout, sanded or unsanded.

K L Tile Murals

K L Tile Murals produce custom hand-painted ceramic tile murals for home, commercial, or marine use. Tropical murals, seascapes, lighthouses, landscapes, palms trees for kitchen, bath, barbeque islands, pool, or patio.

Kirb Perfect

Use Kirb Perfect to creates a professional shower curb every time without a backer board or wire lath.  Kirb-Perfect can be used without the presence of wood altogether making installation even easier!

Pacifica Tile Art Studio

Pacifica Tile Art Studio reproduces fine art and photography onto ceramic, glass and marble tiles.  Create custom murals and backsplashes.  Choose from a large selection of artwork or send them your photos.

Quick Pitch Goof Proof Shower Floors

Hate the look of fiberglass shower bases?  Installing a real mortar bed under your ceramic tile shower is easier than ever with the Quick Pitch Shower Floor Drainage Kit.  This deviously simply guiding system will give you professional results the first time.

Simple Mat

The Simple Mat is an ingenious product that takes a good amount of the "muss and fuss" out of ceramic tile work.  It is a self-adhesive mat that replaces the mastic or thinset that is normally used to set the tile.  Grouting can take place within 24 hours regardless of the tile size. has been launched to offer you the full line of Schluter products, which will make your tile installation much, much easier. From underlayments, to wall and floor profiles that help protect your tile edges, Schluter has made the tile industry a much happier and easier place to work.

U.S. Gypsum

US Gypsum produces both cement board and moisture-resistant drywall under the trademark SHEETROCK®. They provide some info on the uses of each product regarding ceramic tile in moderate and high moisture installations. They also provide some basic ceramic tile installation instruction.

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