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Ceiling Fans, Chandeliers and Accessories

Below Cost Appliances

Below Cost Appliances offers factory renewed Hunter Ceiling Fans at 30 to 50% off retail.  All these like-new fans are quality tested (interestingly, only 20% of new fans are tested) and have same lifetime warranty as brand new fans!

Big Ass Fans

If you need a quiet ceiling fan that moves tremendous amounts of air, a Big Ass Fan might be your solution!  With blade diameters from 8' to 24', there are few rooms too big for a Big Ass Fan.  The largest 24' fan can move air effectively for ceiling heights up to 45 feet, yet move slow enough to be whisper-quiet.  Crazy!  Obviously, few homes have a need for this much fan but if you own a large barn or warehouse this might be a great way to save in air conditioning and heating costs.

Casablanca Fan Company - Repairs

Casablanca Fan is quite a company.  Though their fans are not inexpensive, they offer a lifetime warranty on the motors of their indoor fans and 10 years on their "wet location" models.  This website gives you the information you need to (1) properly uninstall, pack and ship your fan for warranty repair or (2) extensive do it yourself repair information.


CHANDELEASE is a unique and affordable cable-lowering system to bring high chandeliers and other fixtures down to a safe working level. If you have an impossibly high chandelier that has not been cleaned since the Civil War, you owe it to your self to visit this page… before that last bulb burns out!

Hansen Wholesale

Hansen Wholesale, an online store featuring ceiling fans, fireplaces, air purifiers and more, has an excellent article on balancing ceiling fans HERE .


Hunter is a popular ceiling fan manufacturer, and their site displays their product line as well as some interesting articles on selecting a ceiling fan and troubleshooting information.

All About Fans

All About Fans is a nationwide directory of ceiling fan dealers, parts suppliers and repair center.  The also have posted a really "gritty" and down-to-earth method of balancing ceiling fans that does not require a kit... just items you can find at any hardware store!   The online address of the balancing tutorial is:

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