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Arts and Crafts Links is the website of Bearcat & Co., manufacturers of the "Bearcat Loom", a very reasonably priced quality loom available in various sizes.  Their custom design is top notch!  They also have a variety of beadwork supplies including threads, silver clasps and thread bobbins.

Ceramics At Home

Do-it-yourself ceramics boutiques are springing up everywhere! But given the time constraints many of we "less artistic" folks have wished we could do our projects at home... or have a party when and where we want and not be beholden to a store's hours. Enter Ceramics At Home, an online boutique of ceramics projects that you can do at home and ship your completed projects back to them for final glazing. They offer all sorts of options from basic unglazed ceramics to completely glazed products. The selection of ceramics is fanatastic and... yes... they have plenty of banks (piggy's being my personal favorite)! has all the art supplies you need, with competitive discounts every day and unsurpassed customer service.  With over 45000 items in stock and more added every day, we have everything for the artist!

Natural Craft Supply

Natural Craft Supply is a great place to shop for high quality, all-natural craft supplies. We offer a small collection of completely organic, chemical free products for various crafting uses.  The inventory includes strings and twines for ship building, macrame, rug making and more; wheat paste for book making, wallpaper and general craft use; food-grade rich starch for solid bookbinding, paper mache and a base for glues and soups; and bleach/chemical-free virgin kraft papers from an environmentally-friendly factory.

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