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Appliance Parts and Repair Links


AP features a large inventory of appliance parts and repair solutions for most major and hard to find brands. We service retail and wholesale customers.

Appliance Factory Parts

APPLIANCE FACTORY PARTS is a fine source of information on humidifiers and gas grills, with repair instructions and a full inventory of hard-to-find parts.

eReplacementParts is one of the largest replacement parts suppliers featuring over 150 name brands and millions of parts. We are also a very large DIY and repair community for just about every industry with repair videos, articles, and guides helping with individualized repairs.

PARTSELECT.COM is the easy way to find replacement appliance parts right from the comfort of home. Their searchable directory has over a half million parts for all major manufacturers. Large inventory and prompt shipping insure great service!

Point & Click Appliance Repair

POINT & CLICK APPLIANCE REPAIR provides the do-it-yourself appliance repair enthusiast a wide range of services from problem diagnostics to repair manuals to online new part ordering.


SCI.ELECTRONICS.REPAIR FAQ is a virtual work of art, with scores of articles on repair and troubleshooting of small appliances, video and audio equipment, and small gasoline motors. A few words cannot do justice to the monumental effort that has gone into this web site, so we will let it speak for itself.

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