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Adhesives, Glues and Caulks

Eclectic Products

Eclectic Products is the manufacturer of my favorite all-around adhesive GOOP, SHOE GOO, E-6000 and other interesting and durable adhesive products.

Conserv Epoxy

Not very well known outside of building and renovation circles, Conserv Epoxy is a major manufacturer of epoxy products used to restore wood. But these two-part epoxies do more than just restore wood cosmetically. Their line of products, available via mail order, can save thousands of dollars for homeowners and businesses by allowing the actual structural restoration of rotten and insect-damaged wood beams and framing.

GE Silicone Caulk Home Page

They answer just about all the questions you might have about this product except one...  how to get the gosh darn slippery residue off your hands!

Liquid Nails

Liquid Nails, a legend in home repair lore,  offers a full line of construction adhesives that can stick pretty much anything to anything else!  Their site also have a good group of "tutorials" on the use of and uses for their various construction adhesives.


Phenoseal is a manufacturer of popular caulks, sealants and waterproofing products.  Besides the expected product overviews, they also have a great Q&A on their product line with honest advice concerning the proper use and limitations of their products.

OSI Professional Grade Adhesives and Sealants

OSI manufactures a wide range of adhesive and caulking products under their own name.  They also manufacture Polyseamseal adhesive caulks (as of this writing the only guaranteed mildew-proof caulk) and PL line of construction adhesives... the most widely used and well-known being PL-200.

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