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NH Solves His Computer Problems... eventually!!

computer fixerIf you have stumbled on this page, you're probably wondering what a handyman is doing posting computer solutions to his home repair website.  The answer is simple. was originally established as a personal reference.  It grew over the last 8 years into a reference for millions of visitors a year.  In the process, NH has learned more about computers that he has about home repair.  Handyman to IT guy... go figure!!

Alas, without a way to organize this computer information it gets lost.  So the next time NH needs it, it needs to be researched yet again.  Consider this page a step towards efficiency!  We're going to clean out NH's file cabinet and post everything he has as we can.  If we even help one person solve one of these vexing problems, we are positively giddy!

Some of these Q&A are quite ancient but then again so am I!  I can almost remember Windows 3.1... the first "good" version of the OS.  Good luck!!

Windows XP does not recognize a new CD or DVD when you change it in the drive (such as when installing programs or games)

Problem with peer-to-peer networking between a Windows 98 computer and a Windows XP computer

Convert Microsoft Word documents to totally clean, format-free text

Windows Device Manager's list of hardware "blinks" or "hiccups" when viewing.  It seems as if it is "resetting" itself, but never quite finishes.  The computer also may seem slower than usual.

When rebooting computer, stops and begins to beep a repeating slow beep over and over.  Pressing the reset button fixes it till the next reboot. One possibility...

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