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Handyman Letter - April 2007

In This Issue:

1) Where Am I?  Good question!  ... a message from the Natural Handyman

2) News from the Basement Annex... the "old" new Handyman Letter

3) Sweepstakes Central... New Winners, New Contests

4) Special discount offer from our contest sponsor "Roof Reviver"

1) Where am I?  Good question!  ... a message from the Natural Handyman

I've been asking myself that question for close to a year... since the last Handyman Letter was delivered. Not that I've run out of ideas... there are many more do-it-yourself topics to be explored and problems to be solved. I've just run out of steam, at least for a while! The little engine that could has met a hill he is struggling to climb!

A lot has happened to me in the past year and a half, some good, some bad and a little ugly. A year and a half of a life-changing illness (and, thankfully, recovery) and closing the van doors on my home repair business were the lead headlines in a tough slog. Sure, I could complain but I'm wearing my new purple “Stop Complaining!” bracelet and my wrists are getting sore from switching it from side to side every time I lapse into self-pity!

But still the handyman... what I have been for nearly 30 years and will be till the day I die. The medieval Latin word for handyman is “factotum”... literally translated as “one who does everything.” Or at least tries. And over the years I've tried most everything with varying degrees of success. I've learned I'm not much of a salesman, really terrific at problem solving, can't stand bosses, a reasonably successful self-taught writer and world-class procrastinator. Which is why it's taken me nearly a year to send this email to you.

The “old” Handyman Letter is dead. (More about this below.) It was diagnosed as critical last summer when the aforementioned combination of personal and business events stopped its heart. Somehow, in the back of my mind I thought I'd charge up the paddles and send a jolt of inspiration into its soul... the soul that brought you 106 issues from 1997 to 2006. Yes, inspiration and perhaps a tad of love... the same love (and sometime obsession) that grew from a 10-page experiment in 1995 to today's multi-thousand page home repair potpourri visited nearly 10 million people a year.

What else but love could explain my inexplicable determination to continue devoting thousands of hours at a time when hardly was making a living on the Internet, let alone covering expenses? Maybe I'm just a little crazy, too! In those early days, assisting thousands of people online with their home repair problems gave no guarantee of a reward aside from personal satisfaction. Imagine working a second job for 20 hours a week and the boss tells you that you “might” someday get paid! Might? Only a nut would work for that bloke!

Call me a nut, but I don't regret a minute of it. Those of you who have been kind to me over the years with your comments and questions gave me inspiration to continue in spite of common sense's call to pack it in. You were my muse. I hoped that at least some of you looked forward to my sometimes serious, sometimes flippant messages. I needed to think that some of you benefited from my efforts. We were a team... you were the coach and I was the young, undeveloped player with potential but no direction. Together, we developed something special.

As the Handyman Letter, at least in its original form, fades slowly into the distance, the music swells and the credits roll. Your name is the first and last on that revered list.

Thank you,


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