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We've all been there. You need a specific part. It could be a washer... or a screw... or a bolt... or a miscellaneous part that you keep in a coffee can with hundreds or thousands of other similar parts.

So what do you do? You can dump them on a table, or in my case a piece of plywood across a garbage can! Look through the parts and then... the fun part... try to scrape all the little parts back into the can without dropping them on the floor. Or, if you have more junk around, dump the parts into a bigger can which in some cases doesn't help at all!

Or use a Sorting Bag... a unique invention that allows you to not only store your parts in a transparent, free-standing bag, but also dump them out onto a permanently attached fabric tray. Oh so easy... oh so neat! After you find the part (or at least try to find the part), you can easily tip the fabric tray up and... voila... all parts are back in the bag for the inevitable next time.

So if you are sort of person that keeps a lot of miscellaneous parts around... be they screws, nails, or even sewing accessories, Legos or computers bits and pieces, this may be the best investment you may make this year!

Here is a video of how this amazing new product works!

Sorting Bags are sold in sets of two... one large and one small. This is a "repeating contest", meaning we will be giving 2 sets away every two months for 8 months, a total of 8 sets. Your entries will carry over to the next set, so every entry will be eligible to win for the duration of this giveaway.

Can't wait to win? Sorting Bags are available for purchase through

We are giving away a total of 8 sets of these fine SORTING BAGS!! Good luck!

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