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Our Sweepstakes Rules and Policies!!

(NOTE: These rules only apply to sweepstakes run by THE NATURAL HANDYMAN. Sweepstakes being run by other websites that appear on our Sweepstakes page have their own rules and conditions.)

Sweepstakes prizes, durations and any product-specific information can be found on the main page for the specific sweepstakes. A sense of humor is not required but helpful in navigating our rules.  By some of the emails we have received concerning these rules, you'd think we were rewriting the US Constitution or something equally abhorrent! We gratefully accept constructive criticism... whining is not welcome!

We agree... some of our rules may seem a little harsh at first glance, but they are meant to keep our sweepstakes fair-and-square for all our entrants and to not show favoritism to anyone. As much as we would like to please everyone, in the real world that's not possible. So as my ever sharp grandfather would have said, "If you no like-a the rules, there's-a the door!"

1) Terminology, eligibility and acceptance of rules

For the purposes of these rules and all of our giveaways, the words "contest" and "sweepstakes" are interchangeable.

Any human being over 18 years of age residing in the United States and Canada may be eligible to enter any or all of our sweepstakes. Some sweepstakes have eligibility restrictions based on the mailing address of entrant. For example, some sweepstakes are restricted to the continental United States only. Please be sure you are eligible to enter before doing so. This qualifying information is on the contest-specific entry page.

By entering our sweepstakes, you agree to follow and be bound by our rules. Any violation of our rules may cause your entries to be voided. (See sections (2), (4) and (6) below.)

2) Specific exclusions

This sweepstakes is NOT BEING OFFERED in any locality where sweepstakes-type giveaways are banned, illegal, taxed, registered or otherwise regulated. If any of our rules are in violation of any local laws, ordinances or regulations, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER OUR SWEEPSTAKES!

We acknowledge that our sweepstakes are not registered or licensed with any governmental agency. If you live in an area where licensing, registration or any fees or filings are required, YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO ENTER OUR SWEEPSTAKES!

Due to the open nature of the Internet, we cannot reasonably control access to our forms. It is the ENTRANT'S RESPONSIBILITY to know and comply with local rules and regulations.

Consequently, if you don't know where you live, you are NOT ELIGIBLE to enter our sweepstakes.

3) Fees and registration

Winners are selected randomly from all entries received.

No purchase, subscription or acceptance of obligation other than filling out the online form is necessary to enter our sweepstakes.

If you win a product that is "upgradeable" or "customizable" by the manufacturer or distributor, you may be required to pay a fee for the upgrading. Please read the product information on the contest-specific entry page for details.

There is no registration requirement to enter our sweepstakes, though you are required to submit certain personal information so that we may properly identify the winner(s).

4) Winner Notifications and Privacy

The information we collect from our sweepstakes entry forms is only used to determine winners.  We will not add entrants to any permanent mailing list or sell the names to anyone.

We do, however, reserve the right to send an entrant an email or two:

1) One may be sent the month following an entry in a contest.

2) A second email may be sent at the conclusion of any contest you have entered to announce the winner(s).

3) If you enter multiple contests, we will only send one email when necessary... not one per contest. We have no intention to bury you with emails!

Under no circumstances will your email address be given to anyone, including the contest sponsors except if you win, and you will not be added any permanent mailing list.

We do not sell or share our lists with anyone.
You WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY SPAM based on an entry in our contests!!

5) Acceptable methods of entry

(Note from NH: This section of our rules has gotten a few people "hot under the collar", to put it mildly. Fortunately, the profanity filter on my email software has spared me the most obnoxious and vulgar rants! I can't understand why, except that perhaps they use sweepstakes entry software that doesn't meet my specs. Oh well... so it goes!)

To enter, you must visit the sweepstakes page designated for that sweepstakes and fill out the form on that page. You may freely bookmark these pages if you wish. You do not need to visit our sweepstakes "home page" each time you visit.

No entry method other than filling out our form is acceptable. Using a form filler such as the Google Toolbar is acceptable. Entries made in any other fashion may be deleted without notice or warning, at our discretion.

IMPORTANT: You must provide a valid Email address.

If you intentionally supply an invalid email address or if our "winner notification" email is returned as undeliverable, you may be disqualified from winning. (Of course, if your email address changes this won't be held against you.)

Any person who uses any method to bypass visiting our sweepstakes pages to submit an entry will be EXCLUDED from winning any and all sweepstakes they have entered, with or without notice!! This includes the use of any software that does not fully open our pages for viewing by the entrant.

We reserve the right to occasionally remove or disable a sweepstakes for brief periods of time (usually 12 to 24 hours) to determine if any persons are using sweepstakes "software" or other method that enters them without visiting our pages. Again, anyone found violating our policies will be banned and their entries deleted, with or without notice, at our discretion.

5) Odds of winning

The odds of winning depend on the total number of entries received and cannot be predicted with any certainty. You can see a history of contest entries for past contests on the Contest Archive page

6) Number of entries allowed per person and limit on winners

Any person qualified to enter our sweepstakes can enter more than once if they desire, but entries are limited to one entry per person per day.

An individual with multiple e-mail addresses may only enter once per day, not once per e-mail address. Entering using multiple email addresses is considered cheating and may lead to removal from our sweepstakes and all their entries invalidated, with or without notification, at our discretion.

Entrants may enter and win multiple contests in any one month, but are limited to one prize per contest on contests that have multiple winners in any one month.

7) Contest closing dates and notification of winners

All winners will be notified by e-mail. Our sweepstakes are strictly "on-line" and all contact between contestants and us will be via electronic communication. After the notification e-mail is sent, the prize will be sent to the address on their entry within 7 days. You are not required to reply to win. However, we suggest you reply to verify your mailing address. Undeliverable prizes will be reassigned to new winners.

Winners will be publicly announced on our Contest Archive page, which will keep winners posted for up to one year from the date of the contest closing.

8) Sweepstakes ending dates

All entries received by or on the closing date with all required information are considered valid.

Occasionally, due to oversight or human error (humans from Earth actually work here!) a contest entry page may still be posted and available after the closing date. Entries received after the closing date are not considered valid. Sorry.

We reserve the right to extend any sweepstakes by any length of time we deem appropriate if we feel the item has not received sufficient exposure due to technical issues such as server problems, bad links or other unexpected or unplanned circumstances.

If we discover that we accidentally published conflicting closing dates for any sweepstakes in our various publications, we reserve the right to conform to the latest date published. We are not responsible for errors in starting or ending dates published on websites which we do not own.

9) Refund of purchase if sweepstakes winner

In some of our sweepstakes, the sponsors of the prizes have agreed to refund the purchase price, including shipping, of any item which you purchase and subsequently win in a sweepstakes on the Natural Handyman website. Of course, as a winner you may accept the prize rather then accept the cash refund.

In order to qualify for this special deal you (1) must have purchased the product during the run of the particular sweepstakes AND (2) you must have purchased the product online in the manner specified in the contest-specific page, such as through a specific link or directly from the prize donor. Any other method of purchase will invalidate the claim.

7) Liability Disclaimer

This is a free sweepstakes and all entries are accepted with this understanding.

NH is not liable for any mechanical or electronic problem that may prevent a person from entering or winning our sweepstakes, or any sort of loss, damage or injury resulting from entering, winning or attempting to enter our sweepstakes.

NH does not guarantee or warranty the functioning of our entry process, forms, or website at any given time.

NH does not warrant or guarantee the sweepstakes' prizes in any way for their use, function or applicability under any circumstances for any purpose.  The sweepstakes winner accepts all responsibility for use of any prize and the results of this use. Any and all warranties, if they exist, are the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor of the product.

8)  Changes to these rules

We reserve the right to change our sweepstakes rules at any time for any reason, but we will NOT change entry rules or winner selection rules on any sweepstakes running at the time of the change.  (We don't anticipate ever having to do this, but that is specifically the reason we are telling you.   We just can't anticipate everything!)


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