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Win a set of Natural Handyman Logo Cellphone Screen Cleaners AND a Mini-LED Flashlight!!

We all know how absolutely disgusting our cellphone and tablet screens can get. The idea that you can drag your finger across a screen and not leave a little bit of everthing you've touched since the last time you washed your hands is.. okay, I don't want to think any more about THAT!!

But I discovered an easy way to keep your screen shiny clean all day! It's called the Pristine Screen Cleaner! My daughter gave me one last Father's Day and I found it to be so useful that I contacted the manufacter, Pristine Screens, and had them make a custom batch for me to give away right here and right now!

They work almost effortlessly...

The screen has a self-adhesive back that sticks to the reverse of your phone or tablet. The adhesive is low-tack but persistent. It doesn't feel really sticky but holds strongly to your device. The logo side has a specially-made microfiber surface designed to catch dust, dirt and oils. Note: These are designed for glass screens only, not the soft plastic type that you may find on TV's.

To use the screen, simply peel it off the back of your phone or tablet and rub the LOGO side on your screen. It removes pretty much anything on the screen except for hardened goo such as pizza cheese. (You'll need something a little more persuasive for that!!)

The Natural Handyman logo screen cleaner is easy to clean, too... just run it under a little warm water with a drop of dish washing liquid and rub it clean. (Or wash it with your dishes.) Wipe dry, put it back on your phone or device and you're ready to go!

As I said, my daughter gave me just one of these but I needed a few more for my other devices with small screens (including my laptop). So I'm giving away more than one to each lucky winner so you can use them yourself of share with someone special!

And then there's this cool little mini-led flashlight!!

As luck would have it, I received a phenominal deal on a bunch of these little honeys! Frankly, I've had them in a box on my office shelf for nearly a year and couldn't decide how to give them away. Than, out of the blue I had an epiphany... link them with the screen cleaners!! The envelope always felt a little empty with just the cleaners, plus these are both great travel items.

I've had one of these on my keychain for over 6 months and it has come in really handy. And boy is this flashlight bright!! Enough said.

We are now giving away 6 NH Logo Pristine Screens AND 1 Mini-LED Flashlight to one lucky winner!

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