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Natural Handyman Sweepstakes
and Contest Winner Archives

Here is a listing of the Natural Handyman's contests and winners over the past year or two! The most recent contest closings are on top.  If the winner(s) box is blank or a recently closed contest is not listed, the winner has not been selected.

All contests end on June 1, 2019 and we will be discontinuing our contest program, started in 2001, because Google has made the decision over the past year (through their "algorithm") to lower the ranking of our contests in generic search. We are unsure why this has happenned after 18 years of visibility and totally following all their guidelines. Regardless of the reason, the loss of traffic has made running the contests no longer financially viable for us, as we have lost nearly 90% of our entries for many contests.

We are sad to see this portion of our site disappear. But we had quite a run! All in all, we have had over 15 MILLION entries posted in the eighteen years since we started our giveaways and over 800 winners of various Natural Handyman logo paraphanalia, plus tools and books from many other companies.

Thanks to everyone who participated as well as our sponsors!!



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