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Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things

by Cy Tymony

More than a simple do-it-yourself guide, this quirky collection is a valuable resource for transforming ordinary objects into the extraordinary. With over 80 solutions and bonus applications at your disposal, you will be ready for almost any situation. Included are survival, security, self-defense, and silly applications that are just plain fun.

Transform a simple FM radio into a device that enables you to eavesdrop on tower-to-air conversations! Or create your own personalized electronic greeting cards! Or make a compact fire extinguisher from items typically found in a kitchen pantry! Or thwart intruders with a single rubber band!

Whether you use Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things as a practical tool to build useful devices, a fun little fantasy escape, or as a trivia guide to impress friends and family, this book is sure to be a reference favorite for years to come.

(BTW, Cy has added quite a few more "Sneaky Uses" books. Check them out while you're at!! NH)

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