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The Original Basement Waterproofing Handbook

by Jack Masters

THE ORIGINAL WATERPROOFING HANDBOOK is indeed a breath of fresh air in the musty, sometimes seedy world of basement waterproofing. Jack Masters gives a "master's-eye" view of basement waterproofing, starting with the basics of basement construction from the types of wall and floor materials right down to the footings. He then goes on to describe in detail everything a contractor won't or doesn't have the time to tell you... ALL of the options currently available for solving your basement's water problem!

Will a simple landscaping fix do the trick? Are your clogged gutters the culprit? Or are subterranean water devils assaulting your foundation, calling for more drastic measures? Do you have to uproot that grand old azalea, or can all the work be done inside the basement and away from your snoopy neighbors? Jack holds back nothing and may save you thousands of dollars! And if that wasn't enough, he offers free consulting services to answer any lingering questions.

So if sheet drains, cove plates, bleeder holes and flush out fixtures sound to you like dialogue from a medical soap opera, YOU REALLY NEED THIS BOOK!!

Click HERE to order from and for more information about this useful book!!

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