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How to Repair Old Windows

How To Repair Old Windows (DVD)

by Andrew Coviello, the "Greenwich Window Doctor"

Vertical sash-style windows have been around since the late 1500's, but reached their technological peak in the early 1900's. Since then, manufacturer's have switched to alternative mechanisms utilizing springs, pressure tracks and finer cords to mimic traditional double-hung windows, but with lower manufacturing costs. These modern technologies also make building cheaper, since there is no need for wide moldings to hide the hollow spaces for the counterweights.

Alas, the old ropes tend to break after years of service, producing windows that will not stay open when raised. Many people have chosen to install replacement windows. Though this solution may be right for some, these replacements may detract from the classic look of the original sash… plus many replacement windows actually lessen the area of glass, making your rooms darker!

Though some homeowners have literally nailed shut the upper sashes, it's better to do the repair right! Enter stage left Andrew Coviello, a.k.a. the "Greenwich Window Doctor", who lays it all on the line in his fine video "How To Repair Old Windows". Andrew compresses his many years of experience into this concise and practical video that can help virtually anyone save their classic windows with a little elbow grease and determination.

The tape shows a complete restoration, from the removal of the stop moldings to the finished product. Andrew's skill shows through as he demonstrates his techniques, but more than that he gives some insights that the home handyman might learn "the hard way"! For example, though you have the choice of using rope or chain in your restoration, Andrew's recommendation to use chain is wise. Though offensive to purists, a chain repair will be the last repair your windows will ever need… unless Junior tosses a baseball through it!

In addition to the video, an enclosed pamphlet clarifies and expands on the tape, exploring alarm system issues, metal as opposed to wood parting strips and a few other items not mentioned in the tape. Altogether, this tape is a must-have for anyone who owns an older home and wants to tackle this worthwhile window repair… with a virtual pro at your side!"

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