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by George Ehrenhaft

"The Builder's Secret" is not a book on construction, at least in the expected sense. Though within its pages there is plenty of home building and even some great advice, George Ehrenhaft concentrates more on the human aspect of construction. Through interviews with countless homeowner-builders, he presents insights into who they are, why they do it, and how they persevere through the travails and joys of building their own nests! What drives a person to build their own home? Indeed if anything is to be learned here it is that these ultimate do-it-yourselfers could be you or me, given the right circumstances and needs… and inspiration.

This book is the story of people coming together and finding strength… of human weakness and pride coexisting with human need and the desire for self-worth expressed through the craft of home building. Indeed, the "secret" is not in a tool or in a how-to book. It is the subtle melding of personality, need and will to forge a living space from an idea and to create a warm home where there was emptiness.

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