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There are a number of ways we can help promote your product or service, either for free or at very reasonable cost!

1) Free to you - Post a link in our Links Library!

Our "Links Library" is a notoriously good place to post your website.  We have posted a limited number of quality links since 1997.

If you think your site is a good source for quality products and/or information, we welcome you to submit your site to us. We do not require a reciprocal link, though it is appreciated.

Note:  We do not post individual handyman, tradesmen or contractors in our Links Library.

Click HERE to submit your website to our Links Library

2) Free or low cost - Submit a home-related article for posting on our website

Every day, NH visits websites that have valuable home repair information... but they don't receive enough visitors to do their content justice! Posting your article on the Natural Handyman can improve your website's exposure... often the articles we post receive better search engine ranking than the websites they come from!

We always post prominent links to the website of the author, which also will improve your website's ranking! There may be a posting fee for articles with a link to a non-author owned website.

All articles must conform with Google-search best practices. They must be original and pass Copyscape. They must be substantial in length (minimum 800 words) and feature a topic that offers a positive experience to our users. They must be both educational and/or draw on the author's personal experiences.

Click HERE for more about article submission

3) Low cost - Sponsor a contest at our "Sweepstakes Central" to increase product awareness and reach a new online audience!

Each promotion is individualized based on the type of premium offered.  Typical contests run from 5-8 months.  The only cost to you is the product offered! Our contests are very popular and can receive tens of thousands of entries, depending on the contest length and the general popularity of the contest premium. Click HERE to open a list of archived contests in a new window.

Click HERE to sponsor a contest on our website

4) Pay Per View or Click - Join Google Adwords!

Most online advertising doesn't reach the audience you want... meaning wasted time and money!  Google Adwords allows our advertisers get the best placement on our website.

Your ad will appear on those pages most relevant to your products.  You may pay for "clicks" on your ad or "views"... all tracked by Google's massive computer network!

Click HERE to begin advertising with Google AdWords!

4) Contextual Advertising - Place a text ad on one or more of our pages!

We offer limited placement of text advertising within the content of our site. We do conform to Google's advertising guidelines which limit the types of advertising we will accept. We are alert to potential link schemes to artificially inflate website rankings and will refuse or immediately take down any links that may be viewed as such! Links must be to quality websites and add benefit to our readers. Our decisions in all matters relating to links are final.

Click HERE to make an inquiry about text advertising.

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