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Welcome to the Natural Handyman's
Do It Yourself Q&A Page!

"Seek... and Ye Shall Find" answers to your home repair questions!

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These are NH's "short subjects", primarily questions asked by our readers and many featured in our (now discontinued) newsletter, the Handyman Letter. We have lumped them into categories below.  Each page may have one or more related questions!

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Home Repair Q&A Categories

AC/Heat air balancing
Adhesive techniques and products
Air conditioner, room
Air compressor, buying
Attic ventilation
Baseboard heating
Basement, pipe condensation
Basement waterproofing
Bathroom ventilation and fans
Bearing Walls
Bifold and sliding closet doors
Blinds, install and repair
Brass, cleaning
Cabinets, hanging
Carpet, fraying edge at tile
Carpet, loose in mobile home
Carpet stain
Carpet, removing tackless nail strips
Caulk, bathroom
Caulk, painting over
Caulk, removal
Caulk, siding
Ceiling, cleaning spray textured
Ceiling, texture
Ceiling and wall repair
Ceiling fan
Ceramic tile, removing and repair
Chain lock, door security
Christmas tree
Circular saw, removing blade
Cleaning, misc. household
Clothes dryer
Compression fittings
Compressor, buying
Concrete slab, sunken
Concrete and masonry stains
Condensation, interior
Contact paper, removal
Countertops, cultured marble repair
Countertops, cutting/drilling laminates
Countertops, painting laminate
Countertops, restore/repair laminate
Countertops, restore/repair solid surface
Countertops, sealing wood
Cutting board, sealing wood
Deck building, misc.
Deck cleaning
Deck materials, choosing
Dimmer, failure
Door, bifold
Door, cabinet
Door, locking/closing issues
Door, paint problems
Door, pocket repair
Door, sliding repair
Door, swing or "hand"
Door jambs, replacing/repairing
Doorbell, troubleshooting
Drain, blocked
Drain, through floor or slab
Drilling pottery or ceramics
Entryway, tile installation clearance problem
Fan, ceiling
Fan, ventilation
Fan, whole house exhaust
Fan speed control, overheating
Faucet, drip
Faucet, temperature/pressure issues
Filters, furnace
Flag, US proper display
Floor, glue-adhesive removal
Flooring, install, remove and maintain
Flooring, outbuilding or shed
Flooring, squeaky
Fluorescent fixture
Formica, painting
Freezing pipes
Furniture repair
Garage door
Garage door, hits ceiling or track
Garage door, remove
Garage door lock, disable
Garage door opener
Garbage disposal
Gas, natural or propane
Glue techniques and products
Grab bar
Ground fault circuit interrupter
Grout, selecting and matching
Grout, repair and seal
Gutter, maintenance and cleaning
Hammock, hanging
Handrail, height
Handyman business, starting
Hanging heavy items
Hanging light items, towel bars, etc.
Heating, baseboard
Heating, steam
Heating/AC air balancing

Ice dam solutions
Insect and pest issues
Insulated glass
Lazy susan repair
Laundry chute
Leak, plastic pipe
Lights and lighting
Linseed Oil
Lock, door chain
Locks and locksmithing
Maintenance tips
Mantle, hanging on masonry
Marble, polishing
Masonry cleaning
Masonry cutting
Masonry repair
McPherson toilets
Mildew and mold
Milk paint, making
Mirror, one-way
Miter saw, choosing
Mold and mildew
Mortar, repointing
Odor, plumbing drain
Paint, determining/choosing type
Paint, doesn't dry - tacky
Paint, home-made
Paint, odor
Paint, peeling
Paint, preparation issues
Painting, over contact paper
Painting, over wallpaper
Painting, radiators
Painting, technique
Painting spray texture popcorn ceilings
Painting, vinyl siding/shutters
Pest and insect issues
Pipes, prevent freezing
Plastic laminate painting
Pocket door, repair
Power washer, selecting and using
Pressure treated wood, use and choosing
Radiator, painting
Railing, height
Refrigerator, misc. issues
Roof, repair and installation
Roof painting
Saddle valves
Safety bar
Screw, stripped removal
Sink, drain odor
Sink, trap replacement
Sink, replace glued-in ceramic
Sliding and bifold closet doors
Sliding screen door, doesn't work
Shower head, select, install and repair
Shower door
Stainless steel sink, brighten
Software, home repair
Steam heating
Storm door, repair
Storm windows / screens
Stripping paint from metal
Subflooring, installation
Tape removal from walls
Telephone troubleshooting
Texture painting
Three-way switches
Threshold, doorway
Tile, removing and repairs
Tile, countertop and backsplash
Toilet cleaning
Toilet condensation
Toilet repair and adjustment
Toilet, basement upflush
Towel bar, adjust and install
Tub, removal method
Vinyl floor, install and repair
Vinyl siding and furniture, painting
Vinyl tile, floor preparation
Wallpaper, various issues
Wall and ceiling repair
Water heating and heaters
Water heating, furnace temperature
Water pressure problems
Water treatment
Weed control
Well, maintenance and adjustment
Whole house fan
Wicker, preservation
Window, energy saving ideas
Window, storm
Windows, insulated glass
Wood, rotten
Wood, finishing