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We've decided to discontinue publication of our newsletter for the foreseeable future... please read on.

Happy newsletter readerAfter many months of discussion and hand-wringing, I've decided to put our newsletter out of its misery. This has been a difficult decision, with fits and starts for the last year. It's been like breaking off a failing personal relationship. You try to remember the good times, and ignore the changes that have made the pairing stop working. In this case, low delivery percentages (primarily by being deleted by "spam" filters) for a newsletter that has always been time-intensive to produce, made continuing publication impractical. After a 75% loss of subscribers over 4 years, I knew it was time to cut the umbilical.

If you have been one of our subscribers, we thank you for your years of loyalty and hope you will continue to visit our site for top-gun home repair info and great contests!

These archived newsletters have been edited down...

If you've been using the web for years, you know how your favorite sites can suddenly disappear without notice. Or you click on that link in your "favorites" and the page that opens is totally different than you remember. Or it is entirely in Chinese?????

That happens to us, too, and we must painstakingly go through every link, one by one, to determine which ones have been hijacked! So we decided to remove most of the links to sites that were originally published in the newsletters. All the links that are still good (and don't take you to an "unseemly" site) still exist in our Links Library. We've also removed the links to our bookshop for the same reason.

Since you can no longer enter them and it was causing some confusion with both readers and search engines, we removed the links for old contests, but we do have an archive of the past year's winners.  See our Contest Page for details.

We have left most of the questions to NH and comments about the website... even the more uncomfortable ones. And all of the messages from "NH" appear in their original glory, some dated, some long-winded and some controversial. So be it.

Take care and thanks for visiting my website,

Jerry Alonzy, the Natural Handyman