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Win an Olympia Turboknife X with Storage!

During my years as a practicing handyman, one tool I was never without, and probably used more often on more jobs than any other single tool, was my trusty utility knife... the "box cutter". Since I started this website and began giving stuff away, I've had the pleasure of testing and giving away a variety of "reinventions" of the standard, thumb-operated utility knife. Some had retractable blades, some folded, some were inexpensive and some were pricey. All had unique blade changing systems that were superior to the old-fashioned screwed-together body assembly, and most were better than the old standby, though perhaps not enough for most people to invest the extra green to purchase them!

But they all lacked one feature of the old standby that I personally found annoying. None of the advanced utility knives had blade storage capability! Though having to remove a screw and disassemble a box cutter to access the blades was a pain, it still was great to have extra blades right in your hand!

So to make a long story short, a few weeks back I though I would revisit the state of box cutter technology and discovered what I believe is the closest-to-perfect utility knife... the Olympia Turboknife X Storage!!

The Turboknife X Storage is a thumb-operated utility knife with two locked positions. In the first locked position, pushing a button on the side of the knife releases the blade for easy reversing or replacement. And when a blade needs to be replaced, a handy button-operated, swing-down compartment stores extra blades for easy access.

One little peeve of mine is that the knife's operation is a little more convenient if you are right-handed. The lock on the blade slide forces a lefty to move the thumb slightly towards the fingers to release it. Using the knife right-handed is more natural. Not a deal breaker, but it takes a little getting used to.

All in all, the Turboknife X Storage takes all the pluses of the original Turboknife X and adds blade storage.

We are giving away three (3) of these great utility knives!! Good luck!