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This contest has closed... winner to be announced!

Win two (2) Pop Down® Drains from Bounty Brassware

Bounty Brassware's Pop Down® Drain is a unique solution to some vexing problems many of us have had in our homes... namely the notoriously finicky bathroom sink popup assembly! As you can see in the graphic below, this is NOT your typical bathroom drain popup... it's a pop down!

Pop Down Drain from Bounty Brassware

Standard popup assemblies, by design, have a number of drawbacks.

First, the mechanics are complicated to the non-handyman, can go out of adjustment, rust and even break! To make matters worse, the mechanism itself is a catch-point for debris that over time will slow drainage, smell and sometimes cause complete blockage! Also, some standard popup installations require you to go underneath the sink to remove the stopper for cleaning. A money-maker for your handyman... but not so much fun for you! Look at the graphic below, which should NOT be shown to small children!

Problems caused by standard bathroom sink popup assemblies


Introducing the Pop Down® Drain! There is no complicated mechanism to cause blockages and slow water flow through the drain. Slow water flow can cause debris to settle in the trap, another cause of drain blockage. No disassembly is required for cleaning... the stopper easily pulls up and out. That's it. Simple, right?

Here's another graphic showing the simplicity and improved functionality of the Pop Down® Drain:

Improved design of Pop Down Drain from Bounty Brassware

Here's a video from Bounty Brassware (a little over a minute) that explains everything you need to know:

The Pop Down® Drain can be installed in any standard bathroom sink drain opening (1-5/8" to 1-3/4" diameter with a 1-1/4" tailpiece). Because of its design simplicity, installation of the Pop Down® Drain is much easier and quicker than a standard popup. And if you've thought of getting a vessel-type bathroom sink where there is no easy way to install a drain stopper (unless you want a rubber stopper sitting on the counter), this is the ideal solution.

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING THE POP DOWN FINISH COLOR: If you need a Pop Down Drain in a different color then polished chrome (10 different finishes are available at this time), you can trade up to a different finish at no cost direct from the manufacturer (except for return shipping).

We are giving away two (2) Polished Chrome Pop Down® Drains from Bounty Brassware to ONE lucky winner. Good luck!

This contest has closed... winner to be announced!