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Rockwell Sonicrafter kit

Win a Rockwell Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-tool F50 Kit

This contest has closed... winner to be announced

Win Two Pop Down® Drains from Bounty Brassware

Win a Natural Handyman logo baseball cap

Get your hands on an official Natural Handyman Baseball Cap! You can't buy them anywhere... but we've giving away one every month!

Win a Natural Handyman logo attache case

Win a Natural Handyman Logo Expandable Attache Case!


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Win a Rockwell Sonicrafter F50 Kit
Closes on 11:59PM EST (UTC-05) Sept 1, 2017

Win a Dewalt Jig Saw Kit and extra blades
Closes on 11:59PM EST (UTC-05) June 1, 2017

Win a set of Natural Handyman Logo
Screen Cleaners and a Mini-LED Flashlight
(New giveaway every month)

Win a Natural Handyman Logo LED Flashlight
(New giveaway every month)

Natural Handyman Logo Expandable Attache Case
(Winners chosen on the first of Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept and Nov)

Natural Handyman Logo Baseball Cap
(New giveaway every month)

Win a DeWalt Jig Saw Kit with Blades

Win a set of Natural Handyman logo screen cleaners and a mini-led flashlight

Win a set of Natural Handyman logo
Screen Cleaners from
Pristine Screens and a Mini-LED Flashlight

Win a Natural Handyman logo led flashlight

Win a Natural Handyman Logo
LED Flashlight!!